Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows
Price: Free
Version: 1.22012.97.0
Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Your Phone Companion is an original Microsoft app that enables you to maintain track of all Microsoft apps which are downloaded and updated on your smartphone. You can also see a complete list of all Microsoft apps such as office lens, Skype, Xbox, and a lot more. On clicking on the install button, your phone companion can redirect you to the Google Playstore where the apps can be downloaded. In simple words, this app doesn’t make you download any app but it is useful to look for the time when you need to upgrade the apps.

Your phone companion has recently undergone some major improvements after which it has become even better to use. It has a lot to offer to the users. The features offered by this app are extraordinary and so much more than what you expect.


Name:Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation


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Manage all your notifications on your phone

You can now manage all notifications which show up on your phone from your PC. Be it calls or messages, you can view all the notifications and manage them at your convenience. You can manage the notifications very easily and access them as you want.

Reply to messages

This app also allows you to reply to text messages from your PC. You can see all the messages you receive on the PC and you can reply to these messages from the PC itself. It is one of the most important reasons why people use this app. It allows them to send a reply in different forms like images, videos, text etc.

Drag all files between phone and PC

You can also drag all the files from your phone to the PC. Dragging the files from phone to PC allows you to view and access these files on your PC. You can even edit the files or make any changes you want as per your choice. All that you need to do is open the file on your PC and make the changes you want.

Access all mobile apps

By using your phone app you can access all the mobile apps on your PC. This will let you use all the apps you have on your mobile on the PC too. It is very easy to use. You just need to select the apps you want to use on your PC from the mobile phone.

Make and receive calls

Another remarkable feature of this application is that it enables you to make and receive calls via PC. Once your phone is connected to the PC, you will be able to see when someone calls you on your phone and you can answer the call on your PC.


Your Phone is the best application that allows you to link your phone to your Windows PC. If you want to access all your phone data and files on your PC, this one is the ultimate platform you should choose. Download this software to link your phone and PC immediately.

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