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How to Report Someone on Discord

May 4, 2022

If you’ve found abusive chatter on Discord, you can easily report them. Discord allows users to report other Discord users by name. If you’ve noticed someone being abusive, you can report them to the server moderator. Here’s how to do it: Keeping a server safe First of all, keep in mind that disabling a feature…

Few ideas on how to share notes on iPhone

June 22, 2022

Although most of us probably ignore or delete the stock iPhone apps, there is one that I can’t imagine not having. That’s all there is to the Notes application. The Notes app is a handy digital notepad, whether you’re writing down an idea, setting a reminder, or making a list. You might not know that…

How To Turn Off The Passcode On iPhone: A Simple Guide

June 22, 2022

After you’ve purchased an iPhone, the first thing you should do gets set up a password to protect it. Some people utilise fingerprint or Face ID, while others prefer to manually – input their password or PIN. Protecting your iPhone’s body with a hard case and tempered screen guard is just as important as securing…

How to Clear All Cookies on an Android Device

May 5, 2022

If you visit websites and other different types of web portals on the internet, you have probably been to a site that uses cookies. In fact, most of the web platform present in the online world uses cookies for some reason. Have you ever questioned what these cookies are for? Do you know web cookies…

How to Use Apple FaceTime on Android

May 5, 2022

FaceTime is a videotelephony application developed and designed by Apple itself. As we all know, the app is currently available on iOS smartphones operating on iOS 4 or later versions. Apart from that, the video chatting app is also supported in other Apple devices such as Mac computers, MacBook, and even their smartwatches. To put…

How to Block Spam Calls and SMS Messages on iPhone and Android

May 5, 2022

Fortunately, there are several apps available for both iOS and Android that can help you block unwanted calls and SMS messages. These apps include RoboKiller, Truecaller, and Nomorobo. If you are a user of an LG model, you can also add spam call numbers to your contacts. Read on to learn more about these apps…

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