Various methods on how to connect hp printer to wifi

When printing goes wireless, a slew of advantages and benefits follow. You don’t have to deal with tangled connections or the bother of positioning your computer near your printer, for example. Instead, you may print directly and remotely, even from your phone, allowing you more freedom at the printer. However, if you’re wondering how to connect an HP printer to WiFi, here are four simple steps! It means you may print as much as you want without plugging your HP printer into the print source, which is usually your computer.

Remember that the solutions below may not work for all HP printer models, routers, and networks. There are also minor variances in settings or procedures based on the operating system. However, using a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or Android phone, you will quickly discover a way to print wirelessly to your HP printer through a wireless connection. Continue reading to learn which one is ideal for your setup and how to connect hp printer to wifi.

Connect your HP printer without a router:

Your print job does not require an internet connection. You may print documents immediately from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with WiFi Direct and HP Wireless Direct. Connect your device to the printer’s HP WiFi or other wireless networks.

HP Auto Wireless Connect:

HP Auto Wireless Connect allows you to connect your printer to your wireless network automatically. There’s no need to connect wires or input wireless network information, such as your network name or password.

  • To utilize this feature, you must first install the printer’s software.
  • Go to the HP support page and input your printer model to get the software.
  • Download the driver for your operating system and install it on your computer by following the on-screen directions.
  • Plug in your printer and start the program.
  • When prompted for Network connection type (Ethernet/Wireless), choose Wireless and click Yes Send My WiFi settings to the printer.
  • Wait for your printer to connect. It may also take a few minutes. When it’s finished, click Finish. Your HP printer is now available for use.

Connect through WPS Push Button:

If both your router and HP printer support WPS- WiFi Protected Setup push-button mode, you may easily connect your printer to WiFi with a simple press in your printer and router within 2 minutes.

  • In your printer, press the WPS button.
  • If your printer lacks a physical push button, go to the control panel to activate the WPS push-button mode.
  • Tap the Wireless option, then select WiFi Protected Setup. To complete the setup, follow the prompts on the display screen. Choose the WPS Button option. You will then be to push the WPS button on your router.
  • Press the WPS push button on your router in 2 minutes.

Wireless Setup Wizard:

Use the Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer’s control panel that aids on how to connect hp printer to wifi. This strategy is only applicable to HP printers with a visual display.

  • Start your printer.
  • Disconnect your printer’s USB and Ethernet wires.
  • Touch the wifi symbol or navigate to the Network menu on your printer’s control panel.
  • After picking Wireless settings, tap the Wireless setup wizard.
  • Navigate to your network, input your WEP or WPA key, and then press OK.

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