All You need to know on how to recover deleted text messages on android

Regardless of how frequently we use WhatsApp to send and receive messages, we’ve all had that gut-wrenching moment when you delete a text message to realize you wanted it. And how can you get it back now that it’s gone? how to recover deleted text messages on android phones, and what can you do to prevent it from happening again? Unlike your PC, which has a trash can or recycling bin that keeps all deleted documents for a time before destroying them. As your Android device does not have one, nor can you undo the deletion to repair erased messages once you confirm the action.

Like deleted papers buried on a computer’s hard drive awaiting retrieval or replacement, your Android device retains anything you erase, coupled with textual content messages, for a prolonged period before a room is required to store more data. Aside from requesting the sender to resend the message, your best hope is to put your device in Airplane mode and locate a text restoration program that will help you recover lost texts in your Android before overwriting them.

What possibilities do I have for recovering lost Android texts?

You have two choices for doing a restoration depending on whether or not you backed up your phone before losing your texts. If you backed up your messages to Google Drive before losing them, restore the backup, restoring all of your text and MMS messages. Although this requires a factory reset, a reset is still beneficial for optimizing your phone’s performance. If you forget to back up your data, all is not lost. Various Android message recovery programs are available on the market, and you may utilize one or more of these apps to recover your text messages.

Recover deleted text messages with backup:

If your Android phone has Google Drive backups enabled, you may restore your backup to retrieve deleted text messages.

  1. The prime disadvantage of adopting this approach is that you must factory reset your phone to restore your backup. To retrieve your deleted text messages, you must wipe everything on your phone.
  2. If you wish to keep using this approach, make a backup of all your crucial files on your Android phone.
  3. Then, open the Settings app to begin the reset procedure on your phone. Click the system at the bottom of Settings.
  4. Press Reboot Options from the System screen.
  5. Tap Erase all data on the Reset options screen (factory reset).
  6. To finish resetting your phone, follow the onscreen prompts. When you get finished, start over using your phone.

Recover Deleted SMS Messages without back-ups:

If you did not save your messages before losing them, you recover them using one of the few Android data recovery programs available on the market in how to recover deleted text messages on android. Almost all of these applications function similarly. They examine your phone for evidence of lost texts and then allow you to pick up and restore those messages. Remember that there is no assurance that you can recover the text messages using these pricey apps. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with that decision because you don’t have a backup.

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