Match Masters game Walkthrough

1.Rules of the game

The game’s 1 vs. 1 match-3 puzzle competitions are extremely fast-paced and challenging. Here’s how to play Match Masters:

Players need to match 3 or more pieces of the same color to score points. The player who scores max points wins the game.

There are four rounds in a match-3 competition. Both you and your opponent will get a chance to match pieces and score points in each round. Points in each round are totaled up and the player who scores higher at the end of the fourth round is declared the winner.

Each player has two moves per round. Make the most of each move and try to match as many pieces as possible.

A piece carries 1 point. The more pieces you match, the more points you will score.

You will get an extra move if you match 4 or more pieces of the same color. Note that the max number of moves is two, so you will just retain a move once you obtain the extra move.

Turns are time restricted. You will have to finish your move before the blue bar diminishes completely. The “Your Turn” bar will slowly decrease until it moves to the extreme left. Once it does, your time’s up and you will lose a move.

The first player who begins the game is chosen randomly.

Match blue stars to fill the booster bar. You will need to collect a certain number of stars to fill the bar if you want to activate the booster. The star requirement to activate varies from one booster to another. Some may require 5 stars, others 6 or even 7 stars. Rare boosters require more stars to activate.

Activating a booster does not cost a move. This also applies for “perks”, such as the hammer and shuffle. You won’t be wasting a move when you use them.

Perks such as the hammer or the shuffle can be used once per game.

You will earn 25 trophies if you win a match. 5 trophies will be deducted from your total trophy count if you lose a match.

You will also earn coins if you win. The amount of coins earned depends on your opponent’s booster rarity. You will earn 10 coins if you defeat an opponent who has chosen a bronze-level booster, 20 coins if you defeat an opponent who has used a silver rarity booster and max 30 coins in you defeat an opponent that has used a gold rarity booster.

Booster rarity is color-coded (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Bronze cards are common whereas silver and gold are rare. Tap on the “Play” button to access the list of booster cards and check their background color. The top cards have a bronze color, middle cards have silver background and bottom cards have gold background.

If you lose a match, you will lose a booster. If you win a match, you will keep your chosen booster. Stock up on boosters. Purchase them with coins from the “Shop”.

2.Tips & Strategy Guide

Now that you know Match Master game rules, check out these helpful tips and strategies to win PvP matches:

 Match pieces on the bottom of the board. This will bring new pieces from the top of the board. There are also chances of getting more matches when you match 3 or more pieces on the lower part of the board.

 Pay attention to each and every piece on the board. You might find a possible 4-piece match. Always prioritize on finding matches that involve four or more pieces. Of course, you will have to be quick in doing this as the time bar will keep ticking.

 – Now if you don’t find any 4/5-piece match opportunities, look for blue star pieces. Matching blue pieces fills the booster bar. You must fill it as fast as possible so that you can activate boosters frequently throughout all four rounds. And as you already know, boosters don’t cost a move.

 In case you can’t find blue pieces, start matching red pieces to avoid your opponent to activate his booster. Your opponent matches red pieces to fill his booster and if he can’t find any red pieces, then he will be forced to match others and may finish in two moves if he does not find 4-piece matching opportunities. 

 Use perks such as hammer and shuffle only when you need them the most. Hammer can be used to activate a special piece (arrow, bomb etc.) when there’s no other way to match it with other pieces of the same color. Use shuffle only when you find very less matching opportunities on the game board.

 Choose your booster wisely. There can’t be only one “best booster” in Match Masters as each booster has certain advantages. However, there are certain boosters such as “The Slime”, “Mystery Hat” and “Balloon Blast” that increase the chances of winning a game.

In “The Slime”, you will have to tap on a piece. A green slimy substance infects several other pieces around it and clears them all.

If you have chosen “Mystery Hat”, then you just need to activate it. It will throw three random special pieces on the board. You can then use the hammer to activate one of the special pieces and if you are lucky, you might find a way to match the other two with normal pieces. The best part of it is that all special pieces created by the Mystery Hat will disappear at turn’s end.

Balloon Blast: When you activate it, three balloons will fly up removing 3 columns of pieces. Balloon Blast is one of the best boosters in Match Masters, but you will need 7 blue stars to activate it.

 Try to win 3 matches in a row to stay “On Fire”. When you are on fire, the game doubles your coins and trophies after every win.

3.How to Get Free Coins

In Match Masters, coins are used to purchase boosters in the shop. Here are a few ways to get them for free:

Tap on the menu (hamburger icon) on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on “10 Free Coins” and watch a 30-second video to get them.

Use the “Daily Spin” in the shop and you might win coins. Spin the wheel of fortune to get boosters or coins.

Earn 200 stars and reach star level 4 to unlock teams. Join a team to get free coins from other players. You will get a guaranteed 100 coins when you join one.

Invite friends and get 150 coins when a friend joins. You can invite friends over messenger, email, Facebook feed and other social networking sites.

Look for events on the top-left corner of the screen. They may grant coins for completing certain tasks. As of writing this guide, the current ongoing event is “Friends Fiesta” that grants 350 coins if two friends join this game.

There are also events, such as the digging diamonds which also grant coins and boosters when you reach a certain milestone. You will have to earn special objects, such as diamonds by completing special tasks while playing a match, such as making a purple piece match, activating boosters etc.

Complete trophy milestones to earn coins at certain points. Access the trophy milestone map by tapping on the cartoon character on the center of the home screen.  

Connect the game with Facebook to get 300 coins. You will also be able to save your progress and play with friends.

4.Create Special Pieces to Score Bonus Points

Matching four or more pieces not only grants an extra move, but also creates a special piece. This special piece, when matched with common pieces, can clear several pieces on the game board. This way, you will earn more points. Here’s a list of all special pieces and their effects:

Arrow: Match 4 pieces to create an arrow. Note the color of the arrow. You will then have to match the arrow with two more pieces of the same color, either horizontally or vertically, to clear a row or column. Check the direction of the arrow. If it’s pointing up/down, then a column will be cleared. If it’s pointing sideways, a row will be cleared.

Bomb: Match 5 pieces of the same color in an L or T shape to create a bomb. Note the color of the bomb and match it with two more pieces of the same color. The bomb will explode, clearing several pieces around. The radius of the explosion will be quite big.

Lightning: Match 5 pieces in a straight line, horizontally or vertically, to crate the lightning special piece. Note its color and match it with two more pieces of the same color. Several random pieces on the board will be removed.

You are darn lucky if two special pieces are placed next to each other. Swap their places to score lots of points:

Arrow + Arrow = Clears a row and column at the same time in a cross-shaped pattern.

Arrow + Bomb = Clears three rows or columns (depending on the direction of the arrow) simultaneously.

Arrow + Lightning = I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess, random pieces will be converted into arrows and they will be activated automatically, clearing several rows/columns at once.

Bomb + Bomb = The explosion radius will be much bigger than normal, and will more number of pieces.

Let us know how many special pieces you have matched and how did they help you score more points/defeat opponents. Post your comments below.

5.Best Use of the Hammer Perk

As explained in the previous paragraph, a special piece is created when you match 4/5 pieces of the same color.

It’s not easy to match a special piece with two more pieces of the same color in order to activate it. Chances of same-colored pieces piling next to a special piece is low. This is when the hammer comes into play.

The game says that a player can use the hammer to remove any piece from the game board. But that is not the only use of this perk, at least in Match Masters. You should use the hammer perk on a special piece, such as the arrow, bomb or the lightning flash to activate it. Just tap on the perk on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on a special piece to activate it.

You can unlock the hammer perk once you earn 200 trophies. Reach a certain trophy milestone to unlock various other perks. Check the milestone map to know all trophy milestones by tapping on the cartoon characters on the home screen.

6.How to Earn Stars

In Match Masters, stars earned are based on your final score. You will earn a guaranteed 2 stars if you win a match. The difference between the winner’s score and the loser’s score should be higher to win 3 stars. Aim for a difference of more than 30 points to get 3 stars.

Example: When the final score is calculated and your score is 85, whereas your opponent’s score is 50, you will earn 3 stars as you have beaten your opponent by more than 30 points.

Even if you lose, you will earn a star if the difference between your score and your opponent’s score is less than 10.

Example: After a match ends, your score is 40 and your opponent’s score is 35. The difference is only 5. You will still earn a star.

Earn stars to unlock new features, bonuses and boosters. Obtain a certain number of stars to reach “star level”. In Match Master, earning 50-60 stars will allow you to reach star level 1 and unlock the sticker album. Reaching 75 stars will allow you to unlock tournaments.

7.How to Obtain Boosters for Free

Besides using coins to obtain them, you can also acquire boosters for free. Follow these steps to get them:

Reach trophy milestones to get free boosters in Match Masters. You will earn 25 trophies when you win a match, but 5 trophies will be deducted from your total if you lose. Keep wining matches to earn trophies. Tap on the cartoon character in the middle of the home screen to access milestone. Collect a certain number of trophies to get boosters.

Pay attention to events. A new event is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen. Tap on an event to know more about it, follow its requirements and earn booster cards when reaching certain milestones. The current event is “Digging Diamonds”. Play matches to earn diamonds, but there are certain requirements – You will earn diamonds only when you match purple pieces, activate a booster, beat a diamond/legendary booster and invite a friend.

Join a team. You will have to earn 200 star to reach star level 4 to unlock teams. Once you have joined a team, you can request one booster from a teammate every day.

Under Daily Deals in the shop, use the daily spin and you might win a free booster card. 

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