Poppy Playtime game Walkthrough

1.Keep Away From Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy is going to be the monster that chases the player down as soon as they are a little deeper into the factory. Inevitably, this is going to cause deep terror in a player, who will really want to stay away from Huggy Wuggy, especially in this situation.

A player will want to run as fast as they can away from Huggy Wuggy. The blue and sharp-toothed beast will not stop until he has caught the player, and it will take everything they have to not get caught. A player should do whatever it takes to stay alive.

2.Stay Alive At All Costs

The game will get dangerous after a certain point, in which the large statue of Huggy Wuggy apparently seems to come to life and starts chasing after the player. It is incredibly dangerous for a player to stay in one spot at this point, and they will need to stay alive.

A player should do anything possible to stay alive. That can include dropping whatever they are doing and legging it until Huggy Wuggy is gone, going in intentionally confusing paths in hopes of confusing the AI, and more. Really, the player should just ensure that they stay alive, which is easier said than done.

3.Look For Video Cassettes

Video cassettes are going to be the player’s best way to learn more about the lore of Poppy Playtime, along with even finding some tips and tricks for the game occasionally. These cassettes are presented as “instructional” videos, such as for workplace training, and are scattered throughout the factory.

4.Interact With Everything

A large part of Poppy Playtime is interacting with the player’s environment, in order to solve puzzles and learn more about the world around them as they unravel the mystery of everyone’s disappearance. There are a great many secrets to be found, after all.

5.Search Areas Thoroughly For The Fuses

Soon after the player acquires the blue hand for their Grabpack in Poppy Playtime, a player will have to look around for the red hand as well. To do this, a player will have to find multiple fuses in order to place them into the control panel.

As it seems, apart from one specific fuse, the fuses are randomly generated across the room. As such, a player will have to search thoroughly around the room. However, as a bonus, this will be a good way for a player to get used to using the blue hand in the Grabpack.

6.Head For The Gift Shop

One of the first puzzles that a player will have to solve is to unlock the security door that will let the player inside the actual factory. Some players may end up having problems finding the code, as it is not immediate at first glance.

The solution is inside the Gift Shop. There is a certain item inside said gift shop which, on taking another look, will reveal the code that is needed for the keypad to unlock the door and let the player into the factory. However, it may not be obvious at first glance.

7.Experiment With The Grabpack

The Grabpack is going to be one of the player’s best friends throughout Poppy Playtime’s gameplay. This is because the Grabpack can be used for a great many things, such as interacting with items and solving puzzles.

Now, it does take a little while to get used to the mechanics of the Grabpack. As such, a player should take a few minutes to get used to using the Grabpack after they acquire it and the red hand, to ensure that they are not fumbling around when it comes time to properly use the Grabpack.

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