My Talking Tom Walkthrough

1.Let Time Lapse Take Care Of Your Pet

What do we mean by this? First of all, the time lapse cheat is when you set your phone ortablet’s time ahead in order for you to perform certain tasks, or, in most cases, to regain lostlives. In My Talking Tom, the time lapse cheat would reduce the waiting time for your cat to gethis food, do his business in the bathroom, or go to sleep. Don’t worry about losing whateverprogress you have made, as returning the time to normal wouldn’t have any impact on yourgame. This allows you to pull off the cheat as often as possible, and earn a great deal of coins.

2.Level Up Your Cat

Through the time lapse cheat and all its benefits, which include coins, you can also help your catlevel up. And once your cat is leveled up, you’ll gain access to more purchases in the in-app store. Buying expensive items will allow you to substantially increase your experience multiplier.

3.Play Mini-Games To Earn Coins

In My Talking Tom, there are various mini-games you can play, but the one where you get tohammer mice is probably the best for those who want to earn more coins. You earn points eachtime you use the hammer, even if you aren’t hitting any mice, and as far as coin-collecting mechanics go, you can advance the coin one space per hit by hitting the line with your hammer,until you collect the coin.

4.It Won’t Hurt To Wake Up Your Cat

We understand that it could take a while for cats to wake up in this game, but you can wake himup as early on as 25 percent, in which case he’ll likely be tired, but still in the mood to play. This .would allow you to play more mini-games, with your cat up and about once again. However,we’d recommend putting your cat to bed when his energy is around 70 percent, so you don’thave to wait too long or do too many time lapse cheats.

5.Play Whack-A-Mouse

You may have a hard time whacking those mice as they keep picking up speed, but they’ll stopadvancing soon enough. And don’t let the red mouse throw you off – it seems to be going faster, but in reality, it moves at the same pace as the other mice.

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