Gacha Life Game guide

1.How To Level Up

Raising the friendship level of characters in Gacha Life increases the main level of the player. And, you get access to other functions such as gift, quiz, unlock the new character, import and export in the profile section, and fast travel.

In the footer menu, tap the life button. This will take you to the life mode where you can interact with the characters; talk to them, ask questions, play quiz, gift them gacha items, etc. to raise the friendship level.

2.How To Earn Stamina

Stamina or SP or Stamina Points – a kind of basic in-game currency that you will need to play the Life mode. For example – you need (2) stamina points to talk to the character, (3) stamina points to ask a character, (5) stamina points to gift a gacha item and (50) stamina points to play the quiz. How to earn stamina points in Gacha Life?

  • Play Gacha – Spend gems to gacha and get stamina as a bonus reward
  • Video Ads – Play with an active internet connection – watch the video ads for free gems and stamina points

3.Skit Maker

Skit Maker is an amazing feature of the Gacha Life game that lets you design own skit with personalized characters, quotes, and scenes. On the home screen of the game, tap skit maker button -> this will take you to the skit editing mode where you can select the characters for the part, choose their positions, and add chat/quotes, background(BG), face, poses, etc. to make the skit meaningful.

Once you are all done, tap the save skit button in the top-right corner. And, then tap the start skit button on the bottom-right corner.

4.Profile Editing

On the left side of the home screen, you can check the characters in eight different character slots. Each slot can cover up to one character at a time. Gacha Life lets you edit the profile of each character – tap the character to select him/her. The selected character will play as a main role in the life mode. After selecting the character, tap the profile button on the bottom-right side of the home screen -> this will take you to the profile editing screen where you can:

  • Edit the character’s name
  • Relationship status; Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, etc.
  • Personality; Happy, Sad, Arrogant, etc.
  • Occupation; Gamer, Student, Explorer, etc.
  • Star – change the rarity
  • Element – change the element; water, wind, light, dark, fire, neutral, unknown
  • Birthday
  • Favorite Food or Drink
  • Location
  • Hobby
  • Goal
  • Short Quote


In Gacha Life, when playing a quiz with the characters, you will be asked the questions. All these questions are answered by the same character. All you need to do is ask them. Tap the character in the life mode -> ask -> read what he/she tells you. For example – if you want to know the favorite drink of the characters, you can do it by asking them. Keep asking them and they will reveal their details eventually; like the favorite drink, what they are afraid of, hobby, mood, an annoying character, etc.

6.How To Earn Gems

You need gems to get gacha items/gifts. When you complete the tutorial for the first time, you get around 200 gems for free. How to earn more gems? Let’s find out

  • Play the mini-games – head to the games tab and play the mini-games to earn gems for free
  • Watch the video ads – on the home screen, tap the watch ad button get gems for free


In the studio mode, you can add characters, props, quotes, emotes, background, etc. and save the moment. In the footer menu, select the characters that you want to add for the studio picture – tap the pose button and choose the pose for each character. In the top menu, you can change the background, add props, chat, emotes. Once you are all done, tap the saves button and save the scene.

Only eight characters in the main slot will be available in the studio mode. If you want to switch, go to the home screen and tap the + slots button. Then tap the switch button -> select the character that you want to place in the main slot and replace him/her. The replaced character will move to the extra slots.

8.Gacha For Gifts & Stamina

Gift Items and stamina can be obtained by spending gems on gacha. There are two options available in the gacha menu; single gacha – draws x1 item, ten gacha – x10 draws. You can obtain 1-star to 6-star items. Higher the rarity of gift items, the more friendship XP the character gets to reach the next level.

  • 1-Star – 28%
  • 2-star – 25%
  • 3-star – 22%
  • 4-star – 15%
  • 5-star – 8%
  • 6-star – 2%

This is the drop rate.


Head to the gacha menu and tap the collection button. There you can check all the gift items obtained from the gacha.

10.Life Mode

This is where you interact with the characters. Use the < > steps on the road to move to different parts of the map and meet new characters.

  • Talk – Costs x2 Stamina Points and give up to 9 friendship points
  • Ask – Costs x3 Stamina Points and give you answer to the quiz questions
  • Gift – Costs x5 Stamina Points – higher the rarity of the gift, the more friendship points you earn
  • Quiz – Costs x50 Stamina Points and unlock at character level 5. If you answer all the questions, you will get hundreds of friendship points

11.Travel Destinations

In the Life Mode, tap the travel location button in the top-right -> from there you can travel across all the map and meet different characters.


  • 1chi’s Math – answer maths questions
  • Bex’s Festival – catch food
  • Duck & Dodge – avoid ducks
  • Phantom’s Remix – tap disc at the right time
  • Narwhal Sky – collect stars
  • Orca Sploosh – sploosh gacha balls back into the air
  • Picc Pawket Rhythm –  tap on the notes
  • Abushu Candy Toss – tap the bunnies

Try making the highest score possible to get the max reward and climb up in the leaderboards/ranking.


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