Coolmath Games game Walkthrough

1.The dragon statue puzzle

As soon as you start the game, you’ll notice two dragon statues. The one on the right has a broken spear that you need to pick up. Click on the spear to add it to your inventory.

2.The two doors

After climbing up the alcoves, you’ll see a river and some natural scenery. Head right to find a locked door, and then head left to find another door.

3.The Minecart puzzle

Enter the second door to find yourself in an area with a minecart. Click on the minecart to pick up an oil can, and then head right until you find an oil drum. Use the oil can on the drum, and pick up the pickaxe hanging next to the drum.

4.The floating light bulbs and the shaky box

Exit the mine and head right until you reach the last of the floating light bulbs. Click on the bottom of the bulb to find one of the secret characters that complete the puzzle at the top right of your screen.

5.The trapdoor in the mine shaft

In the first room below, use the pickaxe on the left wall’s strange indentation to break it open and enter a hidden room. Click on the secret character in the room to acquire it.

6. The Rubix Cube puzzle

Head back to the floating lightbulb room with the climbable alcoves and head up until you reach the break in the alcoves. Head right to the door where you found the old key earlier. Use the brick with text on the hole next to the door to open it, then head inside.

7. The air vent puzzle and the hidden subway

Go back to the series of floating lightbulbs, head to the right, and descend two ladders to reach a vent that you need to open using the screwdriver.

8. The rail cart and the flower puzzle

After reaching the subway, press the red button, so the light is green, and then click on the lever next to the rail cart to travel down the rails. At the end of the rails, you will find a doorway.

9. Lighting the lightbulbs and the combination door puzzle

Go back to the floating lightbulbs and use all of your lightbulbs on the empty floating slots. Then, head back to the trapdoor in the mineshaft and descend back into the rooms with openings above and red buttons.

10. The white room and the final door

After entering the combination door, you’ll find yourself in a completely white room with a door on the left. Click on the characters above the left door to match the secret characters you collected throughout the game.

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