Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts
Price: Free
Version: Varies with device
Developer: Google LLC

The spike in technology has paved the way for several exciting forms of communication over the last few decades. There are several choices these days, it has become difficult which one to choose.

Google hangouts is one such app developed by Google, allowing users to interact with the world through texts, calls, or video calls. If you want to set up a video conference or call a friend to catch up on old times, Google hangouts are the right choice. It offers all the necessary features that you would need to make a phone call, video call, or send a text message instantly.

Google hangouts offer all these incredible options without you having to spend a single penny; because it’s all for free. You can create groups and repeatedly connect with them forever. The app stores all the older chats to help you pick from where you last left. You make the calls using Wi-Fi or a data connection which means you can save lots of cash on the phone bills.


Name:Google Hangouts
Version:Varies with device
DeveloperGoogle LLC


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Your web browser will launch the interface. It features large buttons for calls, chats, and videos right in the middle, making it easy for you to choose between the three options. On the left, you will see an instant message feature that lets you send a text in less than a few seconds. The interface also displays icons on the left corner of the screen to open the contact and menu screens. Some of the icons, however, are unnecessary.


Hangouts is at its best when it comes to integrating with other products and apps. You can access Google drive or docs with just one click. You can also launch hangouts from your Gmail. Meetings can be set up from the shared work calendar without any trouble, and it is entirely foolproof.

Private and Group Chats

This apps lets you add more than 100 members to hang out in a particular group within the app. You can also hold private chat one-on-one chats. You will find funny stickers, GIFs, and emojis with which you can make your conversations vibrant and fun. There are also options available to share location maps and photos.

Compatibility with other devices

Google Hangouts conversations can be synchronized with iOs, Windows, and Android devices. For instance, if you are chatting on your Windows desktop and for some reason you need to leave your desktop, you can choose to continue your conversation on your mobile’s Google hangout app.


  • The app is easy to download, set up, and use. The interface is simple and easy to follow. Perfect for less techy people
  • An excellent app for instant messaging and calling
  • The app is safe and secure
  • It is fast and syncs well with other devices


  • Neither can you rename yourself nor can you rename other members
  • You are required to have a Google account
  • Limited webinar features


With the pandemic showing no signs of coming to an end, there is an increased need for platforms such as Google hangouts to interact with friends, family, and co-workers. This platform is free; however, the features are comparatively limited.

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