Bose Connect

Bose Connect
Price: Free
Version: Varies with device
Developer: Bose Corporation

Bose Connect sound app enhances a number of key features in Bose products, such as volume control, battery readings and an automatic off timer. It also allows you to handle numerous Bluetooth connections and has a special feature called Music Share which enables dual pairs of wireless Bose headphones to enjoy the same audio experience. Another feature called Party Mode will allow 2 SoundLink speakers to sync together, which enables listening in multiple locations, while Stereo Mode can separate sound within right or left channels via dual paired speakers. This app greatly streamlines the process and improves the experience of using the headphones, but there isn’t yet an option for forcing the app into charge mode. It has to be plugged in to charge.

When Bose Connect app is combined with the QC30 Bose headphones you will have greater control over noise cancellation, which can be adjusted directly in this app. It even includes an interesting feature called Heart Rate Monitor that will actually display the heart rate of the user inside the application. Whether you wish to view specific product details or personalize your settings, this application will allow you to maximize the capability of your Bose products. It can quietly download the most recent updates and will only install them when you want. This combined with its simplicity and ease of use makes it indispensable.


Name:Bose Connect
Version:Varies with device
DeveloperBose Corporation
Category:Music & Audio


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  • Settings can be completely personalized
  • Works with multiple Bose products
  • Offers wireless compatibility
  • Allows music and audio to be shared with others

This Bose Connect app works with products such as SoundSport Pulse, Quiet Control, Bose Frames, ProFlight headphones, SoundWear Companion speakers, and SoundLink Revolve. It can be used to verify whether the Bose headphones you purchased are real or fake, and counterfeit headphones won’t be detected!


  • Has excellent battery life
  • Works with Bluetooth
  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Takes a while to detect headphones
  • Songs cannot be moved forward and back
  • You have to turn on location each time the app is activated


Overall this is a great product, with a few caveats. The speaker will always activate itself automatically whenever the paired device comes on. This can be annoying to some users because if paired to multiple devices in your residence it can be difficult to shut down.

One issue that some users reported was a beeping sound. While the exact cause of this issue has not yet been found, users were able to fix it by first deleting all their Bluetooth connections, then temporarily deleting the phone app, then connecting by cable to the laptop or PC and performing a software update for the headphones from the Bose official website. After the app is reinstalled this should fix the issue.

Users who purchased the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones have stated emphatically that this app works perfectly with them, much better than Alexa Assistant or Google. The sound quality is outstanding and when making phone calls the microphone works perfectly.

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