Steps To Know That How To Force Quit On Mac

Few things annoy Mac users more than the spinning rainbow wheel, often known as the wait cursor, which indicates that your machine is straining to handle its present responsibilities. You could wait until your screen unfreezes if a program isn’t responding as it should. However, you never know how long something will take. When confronted with a spinning wheel, the simplest solution is how to force quit on mac. Force quit is a feature that effectively shuts down an application that has become unresponsive. When utilising the force quit tool to force – leave a frozen application like Microsoft Word or any web browser – it is crucial to keep in mind that if your work gets not saved, you might lose it.

How to cause a Mac to shut down using a keyboard shortcut

  1. Press Command+Option+Esc on your Mac keyboard to open the Force Quit Applications window. This shortcut will open a window where you may pick and close running apps.
  2. The window for forcing programs to close
  3. You can also use the Menu Bar to access the Force Quit window:
  4. In the top left corner of your desktop, click the Apple icon.
  5. Select Force Quit from the menu. It will suggest that the active app be closed.
  6. Click the Force Quit button to confirm.

What if your Mac, not the app, freezes?

If your Mac becomes inoperable and freezes, how to force quit on maca? We’ll offer some practical answers to the problem. Keep pressing the power button until Mac’s screen -completely shuts off. It takes a few seconds for this procedure to begin. You can wait for a second after the Mac has turned off before turning it back on. This technique of rebooting your Mac is less stable, and there’s always the risk of losing your unsaved data if you use it, but if you’re in – need, you might not have an option but to use it.

On a Mac, you can force applications to close.

Force Mac to Shut Down from the Apple Menu. Let’s look at how to force an app to close on a Mac using the Apple Menu:

  • Go to the top left corner of your screen and select the Apple logo.
  • After that, select Force Quit from the menu.
  • Browse to the frozen app and choose it.
  • Now, on Mac, click the Force Exit button to force quit your stalled app.
  • Using a Keyboard Shortcut, Force Quit a Mac Application
  • Another approach to force an app to close on a Mac is to use a keyboard button combination. We’ll walk you through the steps of this strategy one by one.
  • At the same time, press Command+Option+Esc.
  • A pop-up window will appear, displaying the applications – that are currently operating in the background.
  • On Mac, select the app you wish to force quit.
  • The software will now – stop running in the background if you – choose the Force Quit option.


These are some methods for forcing an app to quit on a Mac but bear in mind that you may lose data if you use any of them, so if you have a little patience, set your Mac aside and wait for the app to unfreeze to avoid losing any data that was unsaved while you were using it.

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