What Is Snapchat? A Complete Guide!!

In the past few years, Snapchat has changed a lot. There have been frequent updates, and that makes the app much better. However, the looks and working of the application are nothing like they used to be. The company behind Snapchat is so aggressive in making changes to the application. Even if you are using Snapchat regularly, there may be several things you may not know about.

If you also face problems while using Snapchat, then you are at the right place. Here you will get the complete guide on what is snapchat and why is the point snapchat? So, let’s start!!

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is basically a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. Users often referred to the application as Snap. Meanwhile, the developer of Snapchat is also called Snap which is confusing. The company claims itself as the camera company which creates other products, such as hardware like the spectacles of snapchat.

The main concept of the application is that if you send any photo, video, or message, aka Snap will be deleted after some time unless you save it in your chat. So it is temporary that encourages the natural flow of interaction.

What is the purpose of Snapchat?

Snapchat initially focused on the private, person-to-person application for photo sharing. However, there are several different things that you can do on Snapchat, including sending videos, live video chatting, creating caricatures such as avatars or Bitcoin, and many more things. You can even look at the ‘Discover’ option, where you will get content from major publishers such as Buzzfeed.

You can even get the option of storing the media in a private area. In addition, there are several features, including the filters and AR-based lenses, which will even show you the live locations of your friends on the world map.

You can get to know about several things; before snapchat, social media was desktop-based, but now it is not. It has changed the way of communication. With this, you can send the photos quickly, and as soon as your friend opens it, the image will disappear. If you want to take a screenshot or reply to any photo or video, it will be broadcast to the person who has sent you the followers.

What is the meaning of all the lingo?

Snapchat has changed so much, and if you are confused about all this lingo, then you should read this. Here is the complete guide on how this app works.


The feature is not common anymore, but it means the users of snapchat.


When you will take a video or photo or even receive the video or photo. It is also known as the ‘Snap .’If someone asks you to send the Snap, you need to send a photo or video. It is also known as the “Snap.”


It is the term that is quite popular and is faded. It just means replying privately in one-on-one Snap that you have received.


In the story, you can also link the Snap together and broadcast them just as you capture them. It will appear to your followers as a reel. Finally, you can trap the story and watch the Snap just as you experience it. It will be played for about 24 hours, and after that, it will disappear for food and save your entire story. It will come in the memory section as private storage.


It is the scannable code that will help add new friends easily. You can just flash your snapcode to your friend’s camera, which will immediately add you. The person will not have to find you manually, and there you can just tap on the add button. Snapcode, which you will get, will be similar to QR Code.


You may have seen different emojis or numbers which will appear on your friend’s snapchat names in the chat section. That means your friends are on a snap streak with you. It means you and your friends snap at each other within 24 hours. It is just sending the picture on the spot and not an old photo or video.


You can make your Snap much more fun with the augmented reality-based special sounds and effects. The features it has been known as Lenses. You can activate the lenses option on your Snapchat camera screen by pressing long on the camera view. Several popular lenses will include such as “dog with tongue” and “rainbow puke.”

There are several other things or features that snapchat has, such as score, filters, Trophy case, etc., that will offer you so many amazing experiences.

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