Step By Step Guide For How To Duet On Tiktok

On TikTok, duets are – a type of content-creator collaboration where you can publish your video next to another clip. Maybe you wish to play guitar to accompany someone else’s singing or see whether a rumoured lifehack is true. Duets begin as two videos on a split-screen that play concurrently, but as more people duet with the same video, they can swiftly cascade into a series of split screens.Here we look at how to duet on tiktok.

What is TikTok’s Duet?

Duet is a TikTok function that allows users to make content with another creator’s video. Unlike Stitch, where the two clips are “stitched” together and played in order, the two videos will appear side by side on a split-screen and play concurrently.

In your options, you can determine who can Duet with your videos:

You can specify who can Duet with your films in your account privacy settings:

  • Everyone: If Everyone is selected and Duet is enabled, anyone can Duet with your video.
  • Friends: If you select Friends and Duet is enabled, only your friends will be able to Duet with your video. On TikTok, friends are people you follow and who follow you back.

In your privacy settings, you can turn off Duet on all of your existing videos at once. It means you won’t have to go into each of your films and switch off Duet manually.

For each of your videos, you can switch Duet on or off:

Before you submit a video, or for an existing video, you can switch Duet on or off.

  • If you enable Duet, this video will be able to Duet with the group you choose in the Duet setting for all of your videos. If you – choose to allow only your Friends to Duet with all of your videos, for example, if you enable Duet for a single video, only your Friends will be able to Duet with it.
  • If you disable Duet, no one else will be able to Duet with your video.

On TikTok, how do you do a Duet?

Now that you’ve completed the necessary settings – let’s look at how to duet on tiktok. Here’s how to make a TikTok duet in step-by-step order:

Step-1: Launch the TikTok app and select the video with which you want to create a Duet. In the right-hand menu, select the share option (the same one you use to share your videos on social media).

Step-2: Select the Duet option from the drop-down menu.

Step-3: From the right-hand menu, you can apply a filter, apply makeup, set a timer, or adjust the speed of your video.

Step-4: When you are – ready, tap the red record button in the center.

Step-5: Enhance your movie with text, effects, or stickers, then preview it. Click Next when you’re finished.

Step-6: Finally – your TikTok duet video a caption, choose a cover, and hit Post.

Your Duet TikTok has now got published. You can create a Duet using your videos by following the same – instructions.

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