Simple Guide On How To Unblock A Number On Android

People nowadays can be disruptive and have no boundaries on how they address others. As a result, if you are being bothered unnecessarily or receiving unwanted calls, you can block such phone numbers. This feature has been available for a while, and Android, like other smartphone operating systems, has it included in the phone app.

You can ban calls from a – known number or a private number if necessary. It will disconnect the person from incoming calls and text messages and make your phone number unavailable to them. In this article we will look at how to unblock a number on android

What if you need to unlock a blocked number on your Android device?

You can now receive calls and messages from that phone number. However, some customers have difficulties attempting to unblock a phone number on their smartphone. As a result, we’ve put together a list of ways on how to unblock a number on android, detailed in this post.

On Android, how can I see blocked numbers?

To unblock a phone number, go to the page where you can see all your blocked numbers. It will display a list of all the numbers you’ve ever blocked from texting or contacting your phone.

Open your Contacts app to get here. Alternatively, go to the Contacts tab on your Phone app. Once you’re there, select Settings > Block numbers from the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen.

Learn how to trace an Android phone as well.

You’ll be able to see all of your blocked numbers after you’ve arrived. This configuration page is also because you may toggle specific parameters to avoid having to – block and unblock numbers in the future.

Keep doing what you’re doing if you already know how to block numbers on your Android device and don’t mind doing it manually each time.

In the Recent Calls or Contacts lists, unblock a number.

If you want to unblock a phone number on Android, you may do so quickly and easily by going to your Recent Calls list:

Step-1: Select Recents from the Phone app.

Step-2: Hover your mouse over the information icon next to the number you want to unblock ( on some Android phones, merely clicking on the number you wish to unblock will show its details)

Step-3: In the top right corner of the phone number’s profile page, click the three-dot icon.

Step-4: On the resulting window, click Block number and confirm the action by selecting Block.

This approach can only unblock one number at a time, regardless of whether it gets saved. The same techniques can get used to unlocking – a saved – phone number from your contact list.

Using the Google Phone App – you can unblock a number on your Android phone.

To unblock the number on your Android phone using the Google Phone app, launch it and go to the Blocked numbers page using the instructions above (mentioned in the section “See blocked number using Google Phone App”). Now, tap on the phone number you’d like to unblock. It displays a confirmation message and prompts you to take positive action. You can unlock a phone number by tapping on the small “X” icon.

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