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Version: 1.9.8

Updated: Jul 12, 20211

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Sculpt people is a simulation game developed by Crazy Labs ltd by Tabtale. A satisfactory game to unleash the stress and strain. With high-end 3D graphics, the game becomes even more interesting as you mold the clay. The depth of customization and the way you can mold people and paint with clay dough is relaxing and soothing. Very good controls and mechanics are smooth, and they will give you good results as you mold clay. This helps you convert the clay dough into a real artistic masterpiece. Are you into satisfying the customers than getting into work? Express your creativity levels in shaping the portrait heads and their pets too.

Editor’s review and how to play

Sculpt People is a simulation game where you mold heads. The game is super satisfying and relaxing with amazing graphics. Depending on the portrait you see at the back of the room, with the materials available you must mold each piece to get as close to the model as possible. In Sculpt people game you can sculpt people as well as their pets. Sculpt People has 3D graphics that allow you to shape the head with realism.

First, you need to knead clay, which will shape the head. Molding the head is not enough if you won’t give additional face features and colors for the face. Then there are a good number of additions like eyes, ears, and other stuff that you need to use to create that pattern likeness. While sculpting each head, you can also use sprays that will color the different parts. In a few minutes, you will have the result ready for evaluation.

Moreover, at the end of each level, your level of creativity and your use of the available trinkets will be measured. Sculpt People is one of those games where the more you play, the more addicted you get. Using each set of materials, you try to make each head you sculpt resemble the portrait as closely as possible. The closer to the model, the better your rewards for unlocking different items.

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