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Version: 3.28.1

Updated: March 24, 2021

Size: 240.15MB

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Cut The Rope is a Puzzle game developed by ZeptoLab.It has innovative physics gameplay with adorable characters and outstanding graphics and superpowers giving an immersive gaming experience with 17 boxes and 425 levels to play.

A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request… CANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game.

Editor’s review and how to play

Cut the Rope has enthralled fans and players around the globe. With nearly 1 billion downloads since it was originally released, Cut the Rope is a definite classic in the modern era of gaming. Along the way, Cut the Rope has won several awards from groups, websites, and publications worldwide.

A mysterious package lands on your doorstep one day. Like any wise person, you get curious about the package and open it up. To your surprise, you find a cute little creature named Om-Nom inside. This little guy wants nothing more than to eat candy all day long. Use physics to help you release candy from a rope for this little guy to eat. Enjoy hundreds of levels, special superpowers, and cute animations shorts featuring our favorite candy-living monster.

Cut the Rope is a fun puzzle game where you have to cut a series of ropes and overcome various obstacles to feed candy to a nice green creature Om-Nom.

Each of the levels of the game proposes a challenge in that you have to get the candy to your creature. You may use techniques as varied as putting it in a bubble, with a rope swing or blowing it with an inflatable cushion. All of this, while you avoid falls, encounters with spikes, or the threat of being eaten by spiders.

Giving the candy to our little green friend Om-Nom is not very difficult; however, getting the stars in each stage in the process is not easy. Thanks to this detail you can be busy for hours trying to achieve all its levels.

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