NBA Live Mobile Basketball

NBA Live Mobile Basketball


Version: 5.2.10

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Size: 176.7 MB

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Here is good news for the basketball lovers – your own NBA Live Mobile Basketball is all set to give you the chance to walk into the path of glory and participate in the action-full basketball games with players all around the world.

It is time to stay tuned with your passion for basketball with NBA Live Mobile Basketball. Thank ELECTRONIC ARTS for creating this opportunity for all the NBA fans around the globe. This game was released on 5th July 2016 and has reached millions of downloads rapidly after the launch. Stay in touch with the virtual NBA players with your Android device and enjoy the all-time favourite basketball in 3D visual effects.

Play with the basketball legends and be a part of great names with your Android device and make up an NBA super team. Participate in the match, guide the team and live the extraordinary life under the limelight virtually. Win and earn with all your basketball skills, in all the real-time tournament games.

Editor’s review and how to play

Always run for the victory and look up to capture the spotlight. In this game, you will have to create your legacy. Dream big and shoot for the best tag in NBA Live Mobile Basketball.

In this sports game, the players can choose their basketball team and work hard 2 increases its OVR. You can participate in Live Today and Limited Time Events. There are multiple tournaments and matchups; win them to unlock the exclusive rewards and arena. That is how you and your team can prove the legacy and also climb up the ranks. Manage your team and make it the strongest among all.

This game also allows multiple-players mode. Participants can play the NBA Lives with multiple players and also compete in the PvP mode. One player can compete against one or a team of 3 players can participate against each other in the basketball tournament. With NBA Live Mobile Basketball, have fun with real players sitting in another part of the world.

Every week the players get new content, stories and events. There are multiple campaigns available and you can complete them in a year. The more matches you win the more exclusive rewards you can unlock. Choose the best character among all the NBA players and live the glamorous life virtually. It is very easy to control the actions on the screen and with the improved AI, the game is even easier and smooth. Players can also go for the tutorials which explain the controls; like how to pass, dribble, shoot or block. The game also offers in-game money to purchase different cards. You can also purchase the cards with real money.

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