Learn How to Use iPad as Second Screen

While working, you may feel like you need extra screen space because that will help in increasing your productivity. Dual monitors will help you with your office work and allow keeping your workflow on one screen and video call on another. When there are two screens, everyone can see the screen easily as there will be ample room to be seen.

But the person can’t purchase a second screen, which is why people look for some DIY hack. It is best if you want to second display for some time, as the whole working from home. You can do that when you use the iPad as the second screen because that is an inexpensive alternative. But the problem arises when people do not know how to use ipad as a second screen; if you also do not know, then just look over here!

How to use the iPad as the second monitor?

While you are using the iPad as the second monitor to the Window, there is no built-in way, and you have to install some application for that. However, you can install the Splashtop app on your iPad and desktop.

SplashTop is primarily a remote-access tool and will also help you use the Windows Desktop from the iPad. In addition, it will help you use your Windows desktop from the iPad for a subscription. When you use this option, then it will even offer you the free screen mirroring mode.

If you are using the Splash Display, you need to make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer because the application requires iTunes to make the connection. To use the application, you need to consider the following the points-

Step 1- Help you install SplashTop on your iPad and install the application on your computer.

Step 2- When you have installed all the components, connect it to your computer with the help of a charging cable.

Step 3 – After that, you can start the application on both iPad and computer. After that, you will see the desktop on the iPad screen. It will be a little sluggish; you should use it as an ordinary second screen.

The user can customize the display by opening the app in the Windows taskbar. From there, you can change the framerate and screen quality and resolution. SplashTop is a website which will have the advantage of being free, but there are many other applications which people can use.

Sidecar on macOS

If you have the macOS and want to know how to use iPad as a second screen, then you can use the other option, Sidecar. It is considered the best option one can choose to turn their iPad into a second display. If you have your Mac or iPad five years old, you should only consider this step; if you have a device older than that, you can skip this step.

If you want to connect the iPad as the display, you can either connect the iPad to the Mac over the USB. You can do that wirelessly but ensure that you have turned on the Wi-Fi, Handoff and Bluetooth. After that, you must log into the same Apple ID on both devices.

After that, you need to click the AirPlay button in your Mac menu bar and select the iPad from the list. At that time, the icon will change, and you need to click on the menu again, which will offer you several options. From there, you can mirror the Mac display, extend it, and hide or show the sidebar.

When you are using the Sidecar, it does not matter whether it is wired or wirelessly; if you are thinking of switching between them, you need to disconnect it and reconnect with the help of the AirPlay menu. It will work wireless if the iPad is within 10 meters of the Mac.

Other applications you can use

There are several other apps too that the user can consider using; here are the two popular apps you can download to use the iPad as the second screen.

Duet Display

Just like SplashTop, another site where you can use the iPad as the second monitor, is the best solution. You need to connect the iPad with a USB and install the Duet app for Windows. You can purchase the iOS app for your iPad, which will cost you ($10).


iDisplay is a wireless solution; in this, you need to connect your computer and iPad via Wi-Fi. The person needs to install the iDisplay app for Windows and then purchase the iOS app ($15) for your iPad.



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