How to Use Apple FaceTime on Android

FaceTime is a videotelephony application developed and designed by Apple itself. As we all know, the app is currently available on iOS smartphones operating on iOS 4 or later versions. Apart from that, the video chatting app is also supported in other Apple devices such as Mac computers, MacBook, and even their smartwatches.

To put it into simple words, FaceTime is an audio and video chatting platform that facilitates video calling to iPhone users. Apple users can use this app to communicate with each other easily.

FaceTime on Android  

Let us be honest the android world is interesting because of the features and customization options provided by Google. Android users have multiple software customization options that make Android unique.

But as an android user, the temptation for iPhone apps and features is not an uncommon thing. In fact, there are many who want to use Apple apps on their devices. One of these apps is FaceTime.

Are you jealous of your friends who are iPhone users and are able to communicate with your friend circle using FaceTime? But you can’t participate in that conversation because you can’t use FaceTime on your device?

If you have similar problems, read on…

Is it possible to use FaceTime on Android?

Before learning how to use FaceTime on Android, you must first ask yourself whether it is possible to use this app on an android device or not.

As I have mentioned earlier, FaceTime is a proprietary application, which means that it is controlled and maintained by Apple. This makes it nearly impossible to operate the app on different Operating systems other than iOS.

You won’t find a gateway to download FaceTime through the Play Store or from any other source. But the good news is you can still join the FaceTime call using Android. Here is how.

Use the FaceTime app on Android

  • What you need

In order to use FaceTime on Android, you will need a web browser such as Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome downloaded on your android phone. Make sure to update the latest version of the browser for your convenience.

Apart from that, you need a family member or friend or anyone with an iOS device who can use FaceTime. Ask him to open the video calling app and select “Create Link” on the screen. Next is to send the link through WhatsApp or any preferred messaging app.

  • Final steps

Everything gets simple once you have the link to enter video chat.

This is where your Android device comes into play. Open the following link on your web browser or copy the link and paste it to Google chrome.

FaceTime will open in a website format. Enter your name and hit continue. We recommend you enter plain text and not symbols or signs to avoid technical issues.

Once you’re in, you will find a typical video chat layout with controls and a bunch of options such as a microphone, camera, join button, etc. Tap on “Join” and wait for the host to accept your join request. Moreover, allow camera as well as microphone access to chat with others.

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