How to transfer chat history from iOS to Android phone

When it comes to instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is probably a prominent name that comes to our mind. Interesting features and unique settings make it the most popular app for online messaging through the internet.

Although, just like any other social media app, WhatsApp comes with several issues. A rational user would not even notice such issues until they want to transfer their chats from one phone to another.

Especially if you are an iPhone user but decided to switch on to some other operating system like Android, you are definitely going to face endless issues during WhatsApp transfer.

  • Transferring WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

Updating your mobile device can be daunting. Things can get even more complicated when transferring data from an old device to a new one. And what can be worse than moving data from an iOS phone to an android device? This is true even while transferring WhatsApp chat history.

Although these two operating systems are considered the best, they hardly provide an easy solution for transferring data between Android and iOS.

If you are upgrading from an Apple device to Samsung or any other android alternative, you can easily transfer chats, media, photos, settings, profile photos, and account info. However, sharing your chat history with a new device might be tricky for many.

Fortunately, the new Android has made it easy to share critical details of WhatsApp accounts to other devices in just a matter of a few clicks. You don’t need to watch hours of YouTube for that purpose. We have made it easy for you! Take a look…

Transfer chats using different methods:

  • Move Chat history from iOS to Android directlyperson holding black android smartphone

For the last few years, it has been next to impossible to transfer WhatsApp data from an existing device to another phone. Back in those days, there were hardly any features to facilitate the transfer of WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android.

With the newly updated Android 12, it is possible to transfer data from other systems to android mobiles in a matter of seconds.

First of all, connect your Apple device to your Android using a Type-c cable. Open WhatsApp on your Android device, and an auto-generated QR will show up. Go to WhatsApp on your iOS and scan the code after selecting “Move Chats to Android.”

Hit the “Start button” to initiate the process.

  • Transfer in just one click

In case you don’t have access to Type-c to lightning cable, you can use the most common yet effective way of transferring chat history to your new Android. And the fact it can be done in just one click makes it even more compelling.

On your iOS mobile phone, open WhatsApp, click on “more options” or three dots, and tap “Settings.” After the settings window opens, you need to tap on the “Chats” button and, lastly, click on the chat backup option.

If you don’t have google drive, back up your chat history to any other file storage and cloud facility such as iCloud. Once the backup is complete, you can download WhatsApp on Android and sign in to see the chat history.

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