How to set google as the default browser on various devices

Many individuals use Chrome as their primary browser and prefer to browse anything within the Chrome Browser since it has a simple user interface and useful features. If you are one of these clients, you can easily know how to set google as default browser on all your devices, including Android, iPhones, and Windows, by going to Chrome Settings or OS settings.

Set google chrome default browser in Windows:

Whether you’ve updated to Windows 11 or purchased a new PC with the operating system already installed, Microsoft Edge is the default browser. Because your default browser is the one that opens when you click a link in your email, the Windows search box, or other apps such as your instant chat, this is critical. You can alter this in Chrome, Firefox, or any third-party browser, but it’s not as simple as in Windows 7, 8, and 10, where you could click a button in the new browser, which is now the default browser in Windows 11.

  1. Go to the Settings menu. You may access it from the Start menu.
  2. Choose a system.
  3. Select Default Applications from the left pane.
  4. Select the following browser example: Microsoft Edge is in a web browser. You see its icon under Web Browser if you have another default browser.
  5. From the selection that opens, select the new Chrome browser. Your new option will now be in the “Web Browser.”

Set google chrome default browser in Android:

You may not have a default web browser on your Android phone or tablet. As a result, several browser choices appear whenever you hit a link. However, one of the benefits of having an Android smartphone is that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing it and selecting which applications you want to use by default.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Select “Applications.”
  3. Select “Default applications” from the drop-down menu by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Browser app.”
  5. Tap Chrome on the browser app page to make it your default web browser.

Set chrome default browser on iPhone:

For most of the iPhone’s existence, Apple has only permitted one browser to be the default: Safari, which they created. However, with iOS 14, you may change the default internet browser by heading into settings. That means Google Chrome users may now set the app as their default and use it for all of their surfing.

Here’s how to set google as default browser on your iPhone’s default web browser, completely replacing Safari. First, you’ve downloaded and launched the Chrome app at least once.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and scroll down until you see a long list of your apps.
  2. Select Chrome from the list. It brings up the app’s settings.
  3. Select the Default Browser App option. You will see all of the browsers that are on your iPhone.
  4. Choose Chrome. It will have a checkmark next to it.

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