How to Prevent Apps from Tracking Your Data

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Data is some of the most valuable non-tangible assets for big-tech companies and different industries. They say user data has more value in the market than the US dollar.

Whether you know it or not, your personal information is collected every single second. A majority of the mobile apps, as well as web portals on the internet, collect huge amounts of user data from their user through numerous methods.

What is even more surprising is that some apps collect and track your data without letting you know. Tracking data helps these apps to learn more about user behavior. Apart from that, tracking user behavior provides a better insight into market preferences.

So, are you looking forward to preventing these sites and programs from tracking you further? This article is just for you!

How to prevent apps from tracking

If you value your security and privacy, then you might what to stop your mobile phone from tracking you. However, let me tell you that opting for a non-tracking device is often tricky and difficult. Why? Because you have to make sure that none of the platforms or devices threaten your privacy.

The good news is that it’s possible to ensure your privacy without investing much time. In this article, we are going to look at how you can stop online platforms and mobile apps from tracking your personal data and online behavior.

Here are the authentic ways and methods through which an android user can prevent apps from collecting data.

  • Disable Location History and Tracking

Amongst various types of user data, location is some of the most crucial data. As an android user, there is a high chance that you have turned on the google location history – a unique feature that gives permission to Google to store location history and data of all the sites and places you have visited.

While the company says it protects such data, you must not sacrifice your location data. Hence, we recommend you disable the location history and GPS location service to protect yourself from tracking.

  • Turn off backups

You might hear people saying backup is important to save data. Well, that’s not the case with all the platforms.

Some of the unrecognized websites use the backup feature to store the user data in servers and bring them to use for their profits. It’s better to turn off backups from all the apps!

  • App permission

When you are setting up a newly installed application on your device, you might see the “App Permission” option suggesting you allow certain permission to the app.

Permissions are basically the means of regulating access to specific device functions for software. For example, if software wants to access the camera feature or microphone of your device, it needs a use permit.

Some apps ask for permission to access the contacts, files, media, camera, location, etc. However, you must accept or allow such features only if you trust them. After all, there are possibilities that apps can misuse the feature to track their user

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