How to measure distance on google maps from one to another

Google Maps is a handy tool, especially if you’re visiting a new place. It made traveling a breeze. It not just shows you the way but also notifies you of road charges and gives traffic information for the region around you. Google Maps can even calculate the distance between two points. However, the procedure is quite complex. But no worries, we have put up a step-by-step tutorial on estimating distances between locations using Google Maps, whether you’re using a PC or a smartphone. Please follow the instructions below on how to measure distance on google maps.

Distance measurement in Google Maps (iPhone or Android):

  1. On your mobile device, use the Google Maps app. Place a red marker as your starting point by touching and holding it anywhere on the map. Then, under the location description, hit Measure distance.
  2. Next, pan the map to the nearest spot you wish to add the black cross. Then, at the bottom right, hit Add point. You can enter as many locations as you like, and the total distance will be at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the undo arrow to erase the last point you added. Hit the three dots symbol in the upper right, then tap Delete to erase all dots.

Distance measurement in Google Maps on your pc:

  1. The first thing to verify is that Maps is in Lite mode. You’re in the primary step if you see a lightning bolt at the bottom of the screen, which indicates you can’t calculate the distance between locations. In your web browser, launch the full version of Google Maps.
  2. Select a map starting point, a known location, or a custom pin. Then, right-click on your beginning point and select Measure Distance from the drop-down menu.
  3. Just click on another place on the map to get its distance. You may compute the space by concatenating the locations in whatever way you like.

Calculate Square Feet or Meters on Google Maps:

You don’t have to employ an expert to acquire an estimate of a property’s size. Using the same distance measurement tool, Google Maps can let you measure land of any shape in square feet and square meters. We recommend using Google Maps’ desktop version on how to measure distance on google maps since it calculates the distance for you, which is handy for non-square forms. However, if you want to practice math, you are welcome to utilize the mobile version.

In this situation, draw a horizontal and vertical line and multiply their distances. Begin by zooming in on the area you wish to measure on the desktop. To show the exact form of the world, switch to satellite mode using the layer tile on the left. Next, right-click on the corner of a structure or property to be measured and select Measure Distance. Add extra points along the edge using the left mouse button until it links to your beginning point. The more points you add, the more precise the range becomes.


If you wish to drive or walk between locations, the Google Maps guidance function on PCs and smartphones is significantly superior for determining how far you need to travel. You may quickly add places you wish to travel to, and you can add numerous destinations to construct a multi-stop route, just like the conventional distance tool. You can also check how long Google anticipates your trip to take by viewing different types of transportation. However, specific solutions limit you to measuring between two sites.

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