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Version: 4.0.5

Updated: September 3, 2021

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An exciting journey is on the way, this time it is not about chasing the coins, but Hair Challenge is all about the new avatar of Rapunzel, who is trying to save her hair. It’s been a long time since we watched that fairy tale – now get on the tracks and experience the run for the hair.

This exciting game is all about the flawless and longest hair that can break all the records. Hair Challenge was introduced to us by Rollic Games and published on 26th March 2022. This brand new game can be played on any android device and it is available for free.

Anyone can be a part of this journey and face the challenges fearlessly. Aim for the longest and shiny hair that can grab the attention of everyone. This single-player game is more than you can imagine; it has obstacles, rewards and lots of colours. Save your character from the scissors and let her shine like the real Rapunzel.

Editor’s review and how to play

Hair Challenge It’s just like the Temple Run, here the Temple has been replaced with a fancy track that has many obstacles. This video game is fun in the first place because the players need to control a girl who can do anything to grow her hair as long as possible. And how she does do that? Well, the character needs to eat lots of colourful and distinct wigs, which can help her to grow her hair. But, players need to be careful about one thing – the blades can chop off her beautiful hair if you step on any of them.

Run faster and eat more wigs, that are the main motto of Hair Challenge. Earn extra points by reaching the expected hair’s length. At the end of every round, the length of the hair is measured and then the player can proceed further to the next level.

The character runs automatically; the players need to swipe their fingers on the screen of the device to let her hop from one side to another. This is how she can save her hair and also walk over many coloured wigs as possible. As the hair grows longer it will change its colour and that looks amazing.

Players need to keep their eyes open and cross the path. The challenges will keep getting tough as the players proceed to the advanced levels but, this journey is going to be very addictive. Earn some extra points with the best performance in the round. Hair Challenge is a full-on package that can be played by anyone for free.

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