Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure


Version: 2021.4.12

Updated: March 11, 2021

Size: 460.80 MB

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Century Games Pte. Ltd has developed an amazing simulation game called Dragonscapes Adventure. This game was released on 37th October 2020 for Androids and since then it has been ruling over the gaming world.

Dragonscapes Adventure is based on a very touching story and about an amazing journey with exotic dragons. Join Mia and start exploring the dreamy-tropical island. Live life in the wilderness and discover surprising dragons every day. Build up a new world with Mia on this tropical island and take care of your pals.

Play Dragonscapes Adventure anytime and anywhere, it just needs the internet connection to function. This game is available for free and offers many exciting items which can be purchased online. It is a single-player game and has fantastic 3D effects that give the gameplay a realistic event. The home of colourful and beautiful dragons looks exotic. Anyone can play Dragonscapes Adventure, and have fun with the dragons.

Editor’s review and how to play

This is a new adventure that involves lots of Dragons that can keep you entertained for the whole day. Players get to navigate freely around a mysterious island that is full of tropical flora and fauna. Not only that, but you get a best friend known as Mia. Join her daring adventure and dig up the secrets of the mysterious island.

The island is the home of thousands of super cute Dragons; players need to explore them one by one. Players can get the chance to craft different items from the resource they collect. Make your own home with the resources that you collect from the island. This game is all about having fun and making new friends every day.

Dragonscapes Adventure will give you new orders every day and you along with your crew must fulfil them. It will get exciting with the amazing visual effects and non-stop exploring.

Stay tuned to a different world that can amaze you with its charisma. Use the functional key available on the screen to navigate around and turn your avatar. It is a single-player game and in Dragonscapes Adventure players can also take part in the Dragon Pop, Mining Race and Treasure Hunt. Check out the brand new Pirate Cove along with Mia.

The main motto of this game is to find out the maximum number of Dragons; let’s see how many you can find out. Merge the Dragons and make the biggest troop, which no one has ever seen. Love them and take care of them so that they shower you with the same love and care in return.

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