Big Farm: Mobile Harvest game Walkthrough

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a farming simulator game where you will get to build your very own farm. You will farm and harvest crops, produce animals and expand your own farm. There are also other new features and upgrades in the game which will benefit your farm the longer you play.

1.Complete the Main farm missions

Once you have already finished the tutorial, your first priority is to complete as many of the Main farm missions as possible. They will also guide you on which buildings to build and upgrade in a certain order. Completing the Main farm mission will reward you with tons of XP and other items like crops, fertilizers and even Gold. This is the fastest way to level up in the game so do all of them immediately. You will be able to unlock more new features as you continue to level up.

2.Complete the Market orders

Other than the Main farm missions, it is recommended to complete as many Market orders as you can. Each Market order requires a certain number of resources. Completing a Market order rewards you with XP, Market XP, dollars and market materials. This is the fastest way to earn tons of dollars for a short period of time. Market materials can be used to upgrade your market which mainly either unlocks more Market slots or increases the number of dollars obtained.

3.Keep producing crops!

Make sure to keep producing crops, even with those crops that not required for either the Main farm missions or the orders from the market. You will definitely need it for the future Main farm missions or orders.

What I will do if I log in for the day is to first harvest crops that require a short duration to finish. This would allow me to have more crops for me to complete more orders at the market. Then once I am done for the day, I would harvest crops that take a very long time to complete. This will ensure that the production does not stop even while I am resting for the day.

4.List of buildings

  • Simple house/Fancy house – This is where you can increase the number of workers by building simple houses. Take note that building a simple house decreases happiness on your farm. The Fancy house can only be purchased using Gold but produces more workers than Simple house.
  • Field/Fertile Field – This is where you can plant and harvest your crops. Different crops have their own duration and XP gain. The Fertile Field can only be purchased using Gold but produces more crops than Field.
  • Chicken coop – This is where you can produce eggs and dung using chicken feeds (Requires 10).
  • Apple orchard – This is where you can produce apples and fallen leaves using fertilizers (Requires 10).
  • Pigsty – This is where you can produce pigs and dung using pig feeds (Requires 10).
  • Cowshed – This is where you can produce milk and dung using cow feeds (Requires 10).
  • Cherry orchard – This is where you can produce cherries and fallen leaves using fertilizers (Requires 30).
  • Windmill – This is where you can produce different feeds. Each type of feed requires a certain type of crops.
  • Silo – This is where you can produce fertilizers using dung.
  • Composter – This is where you can produce humus using fallen leaves.
  • Goat stable – This is where you can produce goat cheese and dung using goat feeds (Requires 10).
  • Almond orchard – This is where you can produce almonds and fallen leaves using fertilizers (Requires 20).
  • Duck coop – This is where you can produce duck feathers and dung using duck feeds (Requires 10).
  • Peach orchard – This is where you can produce peaches and fallen leaves using fertilizers (Requires 5).
  • Meadow – This is where you can produce different kinds of plants and flowers.

5.Build decorations to increase happiness

To check how much happiness you have, you can look for the smiley face icon at the top left. The higher the number of happiness, the lower the production costs will be. To increase happiness, you will have to build decorations (Main Menu->Build->Decorations). Different types of decorations will provide a different amount of happiness.

6.Upgrade all your buildings

Always upgrade all your buildings. Each building you upgrade will increase its productivity. However, you will need dollars and workers in order to upgrade. The higher the level of the building, the more dollars and workers needed to upgrade and the longer it takes to finish upgrading. I suggest as you keep producing crops, you should upgrade at least 1 building.

So which building should you upgrade first? I usually will start off with upgrading my Farmhouse then the Windmill. Upgrading the farmhouse will reduce all construction times by 10%. To check each building upgrade, select any building and tap the icon at the bottom left.

7.Join a Cooperative

If you have not done so, I would highly recommend joining a Cooperative (Guild) as soon as you can. You will get to unlock new features such as:

  • Loyalty – This is where you can send or collect loyalty points to or from other cooperative members. These loyalty points can be used to exchange for different items at the loyalty shop.
  • Chat – This is where you can chat with other cooperative members.
  • Projects (Only can be activated by the Cooperative Leader) – This is where you can do various projects to increase your cooperative level.

8.Collect rewards from the Hot Air Balloon

Usually, after a couple of minutes, the hot air balloon will spawn around your farm. If you tap on it, you will see that it will offer you items in exchange for Gold. But there is also a chance you can obtain a free item for free by just watching a short video ad. So check out the hot air balloon often and watch a video ad to collect your rewards.

9.Feed your dog!

Your dog’s house will be located outside your farm, to the North-West. This is where you can send treats to your dog in exchange for free goodies. Every 24 hours, you will get a free treat so use it to feed your dog once per day. Once you have fed your dog every 12 times, you will receive a premium dog treat where you can feed it to your dog for much rarer rewards. You will have the option to double your rewards by watching a video ad so make sure to do so.

10.Spend your Gold on discounts

So what should you spend your Gold on? It is best to spend on resources/upgrades at a discount cost. Look for the “%” icons as these will provide you with special offers at a discount price.

11.Use the Library and Water Tower to spend your upgrades and products

Once you are able to unlock the Library feature, you can purchase additional upgrades using market materials which can only be obtained from completing the orders from the Market. The Library can be upgraded to unlock new and better upgrades. As for the Water Tower, you can collect water from them and spend it at the Nursery for premium products. Similar to the Library, the Nursery can be upgraded to unlock new premium products for you to purchase.

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