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Airship Map Tips and Tricks

1.Map Layout and Mechanics

Areas that are bright blue are able to be traversed, while the more faded, greyed-out parts are inaccessible. This is important to avoid getting trapped: e.g. believing you can run from the Showers directly to the Cargo Bay.

Not every room is labeled on the map. The Ventilator room (located in the aforementioned space between Showers and Cargo Bay) is not marked on the map, despite the fact that there is a task that must be completed therein. There is also the Hall of Portraits, connecting the Kitchen and Security, although there are no tasks in that area.

The Gap Room can only be crossed by using the floating platform that carries you from one side to the other. Without it, you’ll have to go the long way around if you want to get from Records to the Meeting Room. Unfortunately, you can’t call the platform to you, so if it’s not on your side of the room, you’ll need to go the long way around, or wait until another player rides it over.

NOTE: The floating platform in the Gap Room always starts on the left side of the map, beneath the ladder up to the Meeting Room.

When choosing your starting room, you are presented with three options, each marked with a corresponding icon. If you can’t remember which room is which, look at the white outline behind each icon; they show what the room looks like on the map, which can help refresh your memory.

2.Task Mechanics

If you accidentally close out of the Make Burger task before completing it, you will be presented with a new recipe card. Note that, to close the recipe card and access the sandwich toppings, simply click away from the card, versus on the X in the top left corner.

With the Pick Up Towels task in the Showers, you must not only collect them all, but empty them into the beige towel card at the top of the room, near the entrance to the Records. This is not immediately apparent, as the game does not offer the yellow arrow normally used to mark the next step of a two-part task.

When attempting the Unlock Safe task in the Cargo Bay, do not let go of the dial in between numbers! Each number of the combination will appear sequentially and automatically; if you lift your finger from the dial in between each number, you will need to restart.

The Rewind Tapes task in Security can be hard to lock down. Using the fast forward or reverse buttons (the double arrows on the far right or far left sides of the tape deck), hold them down until you’re in the ballpark of the target number (represented by a sticky note in the center of the tape). Once you’ve close, tap the relevant direction to slowly tick down/up until you get it.

Crewmate Tips and Tricks

1.Complete Tasks

Sounds basic, but this is how you win. Try completing a group of tasks in one area at a time. Not only will this allow you to monitor an area better, but also get a lot done efficiently.

Tasks are crucial to victory as a crewmate. The whole crew needs to either complete all of the tasks before the Impostor kills everyone off, or to vote all of the Impostors out.

2.Take Breaks Between Tasks

Yeah, this contradicts the tip above, but make sure you don’t have a laser focus on the tasks, otherwise you’ll never figure out the Impostor.

3.Be Aware of Your Sight Lines

Most tasks take up the whole screen, leaving you blind, and some take a long time to complete. Be aware not to do these if someone suspicious is around.

Consider doing the tasks you know will take more time first when you’ve got the best chance to be around a lot of people.

4.Safety in Numbers

Traveling with a person you trust means its much harder for an Impostor to kill you, but you may well be pairing up with an Impostor yourself. Tread carefully. If you can be with more than one other person you’ll probably be better off.

5.Let Someone See You do a Visual Task

Most tasks aren’t visual – as in others can’t tell if you’re doing them – but a few are. Scanning in the MedBay, for example. If someone sees you, they know for sure you’re not an Impostor.

Keep an eye on people who complete critical tasks too. For instance, if you’re on your way to fix the lights or power, remember who was there before you and take note of whether or not they completed the task before you had a chance to. Did anyone show up after you had completed the task? Almost more important, who didn’t show up?

6.Ask Questions

Lots of accusations fly in the chat, but watch out that Impostors will often accuse someone innocent. Don’t just follow the first accusation, it could be Impostors trying to thin the herd.

7.Keep a lookout

Strange behavior doesn’t necessarily an Impostor, but it is definitely worth making a mental note of.

Odd behavior:

  • Standing near vents for no reason
  • Standing in corners of a room away from tasks
  • Not being able to clearly articulate what tasks they were working on during a round
  • Making excuses for not finishing things because of reasons outside the game
  • Staying in only one or two rooms where there aren’t many tasks
  • Standing near doors but not entering rooms frequently

Some of these actions could be done just because a player is inexperienced. Still, be cautious!


Don’t be afraid to skip a vote if no one has convinced you, the road to winning comes through completing tasks.

Impostor Tips and Tricks

1.Try to Blend In

Know where tasks take place. This is the most important part of being a believable “crewmate” as the Imposter! Pretend to do tasks (and let people see you) by standing by and waiting. The game even gives you fake ones, so you don’t duplicate anyone else’s tasks.

When you give your alibi, be sure to mention the “tasks” you completed and where. Just giving the locations you were at during the round isn’t convincing. If you can back them up with specific tasks you’ll be far more convincing.

You can learn tasks for each map by playing in the practice mode. Definitely take the time to do this if you’re trying to best experienced friends.


There is often limited time to discuss the Impostor after a body is discovered, so try and throw the suspicion elsewhere. Don’t be too obvious (like don’t say you saw them kill when they obviously didn’t), but do try and upset the balance.

3.Follow An Accusation

Occasionally, a crewmate will accuse the wrong person. When this happens, you want to double down on this and get them out. With multi Impostors, you can even team up and accuse.

4.Watch the Kill Counter

You can’t just kill whenever you want, as there’s a kill cooldown timer. Don’t go in for the kill if it means trailing someone for 15 seconds.

Be strategic about who you kill too. If someone was accusing you of being an Imposter, it could be more fishy if they suddenly turn up dead the next round.


Lock players in, set off faults… anything to delay them completing their tasks. Locking players in together can cause suspicion too. Do this strategically. Maybe even lock yourself in with someone you don’t plan to kill so that you’re safe.

6.Set Traps

If you sabotage the O2 in The Skeld, for example, you know crewmates are going to rush there. But some will ignore the alarm and work on their tasks on the other side, aware that other crew mates will handle it. You can linger away from the sabotage in the hopes that someone unguarded will walk by.

7.Vent with Caution

Vents are a great way to get around, especially if you’ve trapped someone in a room, but if anyone sees you, they know you’re the Impostor. The animation for an Imposter popping out of a vent is very obvious if someone sees it.

8.Don’t be afraid to act odd

Everyone is trying to figure the Impostor out, so everyone is going to wander around a little bit. Don’t be afraid to be a little odd, especially if you’re playing with IRL friends and are having a few games.

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