A complete guide on how to add multiple photos to Instagram story

If you are on vacation or attending an exciting event, you may need to find a way to capture a few photos for your Instagram story. Instagram stories expire after twenty-four hours, making them useful for “image dumps,” which need to proportion second-by-second money owed to whatever you’re doing but don’t need to devote it entirely to your page. Let’s look at all three options for integrating numerous photos into your Instagram story. Here’s how to add multiple photos to instagram story.

Why can’t I upload more than one photo to my story?

The multi-photo functionality in Stories gets rolled out currently globally, so it might not be accessible where you live. If you don’t see the multi-photo symbol while loading your stories, consider upgrading to the most recent version of the Instagram app. Wait if you still don’t look at the feature. It’ll only be a matter before Instagram introduces this new function in your location.

How to Share Multiple Photos on Instagram:

Instagram Stories are fantastic since they are more informal and less persistent than usual Instagram postings. Why not upload many photographs at once or make a unique collage of various images if you’re seeking new methods to add material to your Instagram Stories? Posting many photos to your Instagram story is a simple strategy to boost interaction and develop your following.

To publish numerous photographs in the same story:

Use the function of the sticker to have your photos displayed on the same screen as your Instagram story:

  • Tap the camera icon to access your Instagram stories.
  • Then, tap the photo icon to add a prime photo to your narrative.
  • Then, at the top of the screen, press the label icon.
  • Scroll down until you come across the photo tag and touch it.
  • Your second photo is on display.
  • Repeat until you have all of the images you require for your story.
  • Reposition your images by dragging them.
  • Zoom in or out on a photo by dragging two fingers across the screen.
  • Complete your narrative with text, music, or pictures.
  • To add photographs to your tales, tap Your Stories.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram:

Creating a narrative series from your pictures takes just a few seconds on Instagram and allows you to upload up to ten photographs at once. Here’s how to add multiple photos to instagram story:

  • Tap the camera button to access your photos stories.
  • At the bottom of the display, press the picture button.
  • Choose the numerous photographs icon, which is above your photo gallery.
  • Select the photographs you want to upload and arrange them in the order you want them to appear in your story.
  • Touching each photo will reveal a number, indicating the sequence.
  • You may upload up to ten photographs to your account at once.
  • To add stickers, text, or music to your images, tap Next.
  • When you’ve completed editing your photos, press the Next button.
  • Tap your narrative to share your photographs in chronological sequence.

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