ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Price: Free
Developer: zoom.us

Zoom is an app used for video conferencing that was created by Zoom Communications. The first beta version of this app was launched back in 2012, the highest capacity of the assembly was almost 15 people. However, another version of Zoom called the 1.0 version was launched in January 2023 with an increased capacity of 25 people. Towards the end of that month, there were almost four million users on this app. By May 2014 the total number of users rose to 1 million.

Zoom can be used on a lot of platforms including iOS, Linux, Android, Mac and Windows. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to be used even by those who have very little knowledge about the technology used. It offers several features to the users like screen-sharing, record meetings, one-on-one meetings, plugins etc.


Name:ZOOM Cloud Meetings


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Chat features

This application offers a lot of chat features including unlimited messaging either files, photos and a lot more. You can reach out to people within a few minutes and send messages easily. You can also send links, gifs, files and pictures. It also allows you to react or respond to the conversations through emoji. There are several private and public chat channels that you can join. Make phone calls, receive them and manage all your phone calls at once. You can start a call or receive it very easily using your business number.

Driving mode

This app also has an added driving mode that can be turned on when you are driving on the road. If there is an urgent meeting that you need to be in but you have somewhere to go as well, turn on this driving mode whenever you are on the road. There is nothing extra you need to pay for turning on this mode. You can use this feature in the basic version of the zoom app itself.

High video quality

The video quality that you get in the calls or conferences is very high. There is no lag or interruption in the video calls you make on this application. You will rarely find this type of video quality in any other app of this kind.

Use it for free

You can use the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for free. There are no extra charges which you need to pay to use this application. You just need to have a stable internet connection by which you can download the app and complete the installation. After you install it, just complete the registration process and create an account. After your account is created, start using it to join meetings.


If you’re looking for an app where you can join cloud meetings for free, this one is the ultimate solution you should opt for. You can find it very easy on both Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Just search for the app and download it before you can complete the installation and move ahead with this platform.

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