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Truth Social
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.5
Developer: T Media Tech LLC

Truth Social is a social media website that was developed by TMTG also known as Trump Media and Technology Group, an America based company of media and technology. It was founded back in February 2021 by the earlier president of the U.S Donald Trump. It is entirely based on another social media network that is open-source and free. The site was released on 21st February 2022. Till then, the service was limited to users in Canada and United States.

Truth Social is a platform that is just overloaded with a lot of features. Once you start using it you’ll enjoy the experience. It allows you to meet a lot of known and unknown people who can benefit you in different ways. Some of its important features are discussed below so keep reading.


Name:Truth Social
DeveloperT Media Tech LLC
Category:Social Networking


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Your web browser will launch the interface. It features large buttons for calls, chats, and videos right in the middle, making it easy for you to choose between the three options. On the left, you will see an instant message feature that lets you send a text in less than a few seconds. The interface also displays icons on the left corner of the screen to open the contact and menu screens. Some of the icons, however, are unnecessary.

Truth feed

You can now get a spoon on the most recent activities and thoughts from people, news outlets and organizations around you. You can follow all the organizations which interest you. The Truth feed comprises posts from people whom you follow and these are brought to you through different links, photos, thumbnails etc.


It can become very interesting as you start connecting with other people on the platform. You need to start tracking all your acquaintances and their following and follower counts along with the history for all your likes and posts.


You can remain engaged as you create your following. Check who follows you and who interacts with all your truths. You can get even the slightest part of the information through a notification on this website. All you need to do is turn on notifications for this platform from the settings of your device. You can turn the notifications off anytime you want. By turning on the notifications, you will be assured not to miss out on any information related to people you already follow or might follow.


To make this platform much more interesting for the users, the search option has been added which allows you to search for people around whom you don’t see on your feed. You can just input the name of the person, organization you’re looking for and add them to your feed. The search option allows you to search for many people you can’t find on your feed.

Easy UI

The next point that has to be counted as an important feature of this platform is that it has a user interface. The user interface of this platform is very simple yet interesting. The website design and layout is also easy and it allows you to search easily and connect with as many people or organizations you want.


Truth Social is a very popular social media platform that is used by a lot of people from around the world. It allows the users to perform different actions like posting comments, replying to texts, sharing other posts and a lot more. You must give this platform a try if you’re a social media person in general.

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