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Version: 1.195.0

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Size: 522.5 MB

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Top War is an innovative strategy game. The game studio itself expresses how “traditional strategy games are hard to learn and even harder to play, but here in Top War, we’ve combined easy-to-learn union, gameplay, and strategy together, a must for more avid gamers”.

This unique mix of randomized elements with 4X strategy gameplay delivered results. The core gameplay revolves around a typical strategy game cycle: the player develops their base and challenges other players on the world map. What sets Top War apart from many other strategy games is the behavior of the units. In a typical 4X strategy game, there are thousands of units. In Top War, units are trained as single entities Additionally, a typical strategic game cycle revolves around expanding territory on the world map, while in Top War base building also includes PvE mode, where the player challenges NPCs to expand their base area. The player first chooses the units and commander (called Hero) to challenge the NPC and then can watch an automatic battle between these two armies. Top War has a unique way where combat is conducted: players send individual units to fight other players and the level of those units determines whether or not the player will win the battle. The game cycle is similar to where the player wants to expand their base.

Editor’s review and how to play

We’re up against the mighty! Every decision we make affects our destiny!

Recruit Legendary Heroes to lead the stationed Land, Navy, and Airforce troops to victory! Top War has characters called “heroes,” who command the PvE fights. Heroes can be acquired from gachas by “recruiting” them with gacha tickets. Every hero has their biography, skills, and attributes, which adds an RPG element to the game. Heroes are also upgradable.

The rules are simple and intuitive and the combat is engaging for both casual and entrenched players. Take your pick from a roster of more than 30 unique heroes; their commitment and expertise will be inestimable on the field of battle. Train your armed forces and make them more powerful by merging them. With forbearance and consistency, you can accumulate an insuperable army that will have your foes shaking in the knees. Fight on land, sea, and air. Tons of units to choose from and upgrade, from dogfighting elevated specialists to waterborne martial warships. More than 150 unique warriors, tanks, fighter jets, and vessels to choose from. Face off against the best strategists the community has to offer in the thrilling online PvP duels, bring about a winning battle arrangement ready to take on all contenders.

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