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Version: 1.5.1

Updated: May 24, 2017

Size: 94.8MB

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SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run was developed by Australian Play side Studios, creators of the global Editor’s Choice Award “Catch the Ark” and they recently released Boulder Jack.

SpongeBob and Plankton are on the run to find Krabby Patty’s lost formula somewhere in Bikini Bottom, Apocalyptic Bikini Bottom, and a real-world beach.

When he’s not running, SpongeBob is flying, floating in a bubble, or jumping on Plankton in his surreal imagination. And when the race gets tough, the tough get heroic! SpongeBob becomes Super SpongeBob by knocking down any obstacle in his way!

Editor’s review and how to play

Laugh at hilarious dialog between SpongeBob and his arch-rival Plankton.

Each power-up used lasts for a limited time. The duration of power-ups can be increased by spending coins.

Patty Wagon is a power-up that gives the player a Jet pack advantage Sends the player to another point in the race.

The shield protects the player from any hits. Magnet Grab coins nearby.

Cupcake A mini-game in which the player has to tilt the device to make the plankton move while collecting coins and jumping on bubbles to reach the finish line. takes place in the mind of SpongeBob.

Scroll where the player must touch the bubble of SpongeBob and plankton to collect coins and reach the finish line.

Snail Gary slows down the player. Team up with Plankton and Gary the Snail to help SpongeBob power up.

There are other objects which would enhance the game even more.

Coins can be used to purchase costumes and upgrade power-ups. Customize SpongeBob with unique costumes including fan favorites like the Bunny Suit, Ripped pants, and Band geek.

Pages can be used to drive the Patty Wagon, revive SpongeBob, upgrade bonuses, or purchase costumes.

Cotton Candy When a certain amount is collected, SpongeBob transforms into Super SpongeBob, allowing him to overcome all obstacles in his path.

There are unexpected twists where sponge bob can fly like a superhero.

Drive the patty wagon. There is an adventure off the beaten path where SpongeBob can float in a bubble through the coral forest. Plankton’s jetpack speeds past the obstacles.

Run far than your friends and compare distance scores after the run. Custom animation and voice-overs with SpongeBob and Plankton were created just for this game.

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