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Version: 5.12

Updated: September 24, 2021

Size: 1.3 GB

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Scary Teacher 3D is a simulation game developed by Z & K Games.

The game takes inspiration from the famous movie “Matilda”

Download Scary Teacher to scare the creepy teacher who has been threatening kids. Use various means to scare her and teach her a lesson she would never forget. you play the role of a genius girl who tries to get back at her terrible high school teacher. This creepy teacher harasses the student by threatening them, giving them physical punishments, and most times, she tortures them. Now, she has relocated and lives close to you, as your neighbor, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to plan and execute the ideal revenge. So, what’s the plan? You are to scare the creepy teacher by conducting various activities. You can also release the pets under her custody. complete each task and plan in an allocated time, without getting caught. Enjoy an interactive house game mode, as the Miss T house consists of 15 rooms, each with a mystery.

Editor’s review and how to play

Scary Teacher 3D game has super-simple controls, move your character across the map, explore each room, complete levels, and finally escape the evil teacher. As you explore all the rooms, it’s important to pick up and uses all the items you find along the way.

You’ll discover one of the game’s most entertaining features. To interact with different items, simply move the camera until it’s in your field of vision, and then tap on the button on the right side of the screen. This way you can use each item and prank the teacher. But make sure to use the rear-view mirror in the upper right corner of the screen to keep an eye out for your insane teacher while pulling pranks.

Scary Teacher 3D game has 3D graphics that will immerse you in each terrifying level. Download this game and be entertained for hours as you try to escape -and prank-the terrifying teacher.

Scary Teacher, commonly known as Miss T, house consists of 15 rooms and each room has some mystery. You will recover the victim’s kids’ photos, threated pets, Chocolate cake, and Chocolates. Remember there is “BASEMENT” as well that has something surprising.

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