Klondike Adventure

Klondike Adventure

Version: 2.113.3

Updated: June 17, 2023

Size: 220.3 MB


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Bored right now? How about travelling to a new place? Have you ever been to Alaska? If not, then you might have the chance with Klondike Adventure. This is an adventurous game that follows a very interesting story of Paul and Kate who are going to build up an empire alone in this beautiful world.

Get the fortuity to explore the land and know more about farming with this simulation game. It’s time to relax and join the fun game that was developed by VIZOR APPS LTD. On 23rd March 2022 Klondike Adventure was released and now it is famous around the world.

Get ready for some Pearl Maze, Treasure Hunt, exciting mini-games, farming and a beautiful countryside view that is pleasing to look at. With the amazing graphic design and 3D effects, the game looks even more special. Single players can participate for free. It can be accessed on Android devices and played by anyone above the age of 7 years. The game features an automatic sign-in, a leader board that can show your score and achievements.

Editor’s review and how to play

Many thrilling adventures hide in the islands of Klondike Adventure. Grab this opportunity and experience them all. Travel from one town to the other and meet new characters every day. Know about their stories and enjoy the breath-taking scenery and beauty of the locations.

Players can engage in the mini-games at the farm and participate in challenging quests, where you can help Kate and Paul to solve the mysteries. Every town and village has ancient ruins, starting from the rags and turning them into an exotic city.

This farming simulation game is more than you think. Players have to raise the animals and harvest different crops until they flourish the small land into a big city full of factories, mines, buildings and many more. The challenges do not end here, the player has to compete with the neighbours around and be the best among the others.

With the new Pearl Maze, you can explore the water too. The new Carrot Island is all about Easter Bunnies and gives you the feeling of Easter day. Grow flowers for the exciting flower festival of Klondike. If you help Joe, you will get rewards in exchange as well.

Keep exploring and earn the points, be among the top players and enjoy the Klondike simulator. This game is all about how patient you are and how well you can play with clever strategies.

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