Direct Express®

Direct Express®
Price: Free
Version: 3.2.7
Developer: i2c Inc.

The Direct Express card is a debit card that is offered to the recipients of federal benefits. It can only be used by those recipients who electronically accept the benefits. The debut card provides a lot of security and convenience to the users in terms of making electronic transactions and spending money by accessing it other than making use of cash to make any purchases. It is okay for you to not have any bank account for signing up for the card. However, there is no requirement for minimum balance which is the biggest advantage.

Direct Express can be used to make all kinds of online payments without any limits or restrictions. There are a lot of reasons why it stands apart from the other modes of payment. It has an easy user interface which makes it accessible for all kinds of users including those who don’t have enough technical knowledge. Keep reading ahead to know about the features of this app.


Name:Direct Express®
Developeri2c Inc.


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ATM locator

This app can find all the nearby ATMs and provide you with their location. You just need to turn on the ATM locator mode to find out the ATMs near you. If you are looking for ATMs that are near you, you don’t have to keep asking people anymore. You can just use the ATM locator of this app and find out all ATMs in your area which are accessible for you.


This app ranks best as far as safety is concerned. It is completely safe to use and you don’t have to worry about any kind of risk or threat associated with sharing your details on this app. It is 100% safe to use and you need not worry about any factor.


Everyone wants to use an app that is very accessible and can be used whenever you are in need. As per accessibility is considered, this app is easily accessible by everyone and is recommended by the concerned authority too. You can use this app to make all kinds of payments on different platforms and using all electronic methods of payment.

Easy to download

This app is very easy to download and you just need to install it after downloading so that you can work with it smoothly. Once you install it the right way, you will be able to make all payments very easily.

Secure transactions

It makes sure that all transactions which you make using these cards are safe without any risk. You don’t have to risk your account details or any other information when you make transactions using this card.


Direct Express is a kind of prepaid debit card that allows you to make easy payments on a lot of platforms. You will receive your payment of federal benefits every month without having to worry about the payment. It is easy to download the app that has a lot of benefits that can give you a worthwhile experience of making and receiving online payments.

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