Copy My Data

Copy My Data
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.6
Developer: Media Mushroom

Based in the United Kingdom, Media Mushroom is a software company that develops apps for users and management companies, especially those that involve smartphones. Their user friendly tools like Copy My Data App allows for seamless synchronization between media and data for smartphones, tablets, online services and personal computers. They also have a large library of software that is white label and guaranteed to bring fast results.


Name:Copy My Data
DeveloperMedia Mushroom


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  • App is easy to install and use
  • Works with multiple electronic device types
  • Data transfer is fast and efficient
  • Works with a variety of online services

Copy My Data app allows users to copy data from one smartphone and then transfer it to another through the wifi network, and there is no need to use a computer as an intermediary. This process can be done easily, and examples of data which can be transferred include calendar, contacts, videos and photos.


  • The software will teach you how to copy the data
  • The app is compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Can transfer thousands of images and photos in just a few minutes
  • Works with new and old devices


  • Requires Google play services
  • Doesn’t place folder structures within destination phone


Although Copy My Data App allows you to transfer data from one phone to another, the phones cannot be used during this process and if you attempt to do so you’ll disrupt the procedure and have to start over. Some users have even reported that incoming calls can disrupt the transfer process, so this is something to keep in mind.

Also, this app has to be installed on both phones in order for the transfer to work. One user stated that although they didn’t wish to copy their videos, they were not given the option to uncheck it. Some users have expressed a desire for Copy My Data to transfer their information to a storage card that is inserted into their smartphone.

One major issue that users have reported is the need for Google play services in order for this app to work. Apparently this wasn’t always the case, but recently users received a message confirming it. The trouble is that there are multiple Google play services in existence, and the notification doesn’t yet specify which ones are needed in order to get Copy My Data to work. Perhaps this is an issue that Media Mushroom will resolve in the future, but in the meantime users have been instructed to contact them for assistance.

Overall, this is an outstanding app. It works with multiple smartphones and even those who switched from the LG K30 to the T-Mobile REVVL4 have expressed satisfaction with its performance. Some users have encountered difficulties on the latest Android phones but this is likely because the developer hasn’t yet had time to make the needed updates. However, most users have been able to transfer data from iPhone to Android and vice versa with no issues whatsoever, and they didn’t have to reset their phones.

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