Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail has been completely redesigned with mobile use. It is downloadable for use on mobile devices operating Android, iOS, and Windows. An attractive layout, a high-speed search experience, the ability to log in without a password, and other great new features are included. In addition to that, customers get access to all of the mailboxes that are hosted by Yahoo, Outlook, Google, and AOL.

Users of Yahoo Mail no longer have to be concerned about the amount of space required to preserve emails and files in the cloud thanks to the service’s generous offering of 1 terabyte (TB) of free space. The newly updated Yahoo Mail mobile app makes using email services a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

Users may now swipe to delete messages in their inboxes, mark messages as read, and perform other operations using the newly redesigned Yahoo Mail. Users have the ability to switch between multiple email accounts on Yahoo, Google, Outlook, and AOL with ease. In addition, the Yahoo Mail app offers a streamlined search experience, which can assist you in locating contacts, messages, photographs, and files.


  • Attachments of various kinds, such as photographs, music, movies, and other documents, can now be added to an email as the message is being composed.
  • Simply press and hold a message to select more emails before deleting them all at once if you want to get rid of many emails at the same time. After that, you are free to delete each of them.
  • Brand-new user interface that is both exceptional and modifiable. Users have access to a variety of backgrounds, text colors, and themes with which to customize their inboxes.
  • Find it challenging to articulate in words? How about you say it with a GIF? Animated GIFs can now be sent over Yahoo Mail using the mobile app. Users are able to share a variety of hilarious memes with their loved ones, including their friends and family.
  • Users can access the most recent news from Yahoo or Yahoo Magazine directly from the app, ensuring that they will not miss anything noteworthy that occurs in any part of the world.

Yahoo Mail

Developer: Yahoo

Price: free

Rating: 4.3

Available Version: 6.50.3

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Yahoo Mail app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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  • To keep your privacy intact while accessing Yahoo Mail, you can either use your fingerprint or create a password to do so.
  • You can now see a preview of a web page or a video clip within the body area of the inner links in the inbox, which is a significant improvement over previous versions.


This application is good. Its operation has not presented any issues for me. If others are having problems with its functionality, perhaps they should update it. If one had the ability to modify the sound that is used for notifications of fresh mail received, then in my perspective, the product would be great and worthy of five stars. This is one of the things that would make it ideal in my opinion. I attempted to do so in the settings of the app as well as the settings of the phone, but to no success. One of the primary reasons I switched to using this app instead of the Messages app in iOS was because for the past few weeks or so (maybe even longer), the iOS Mail app was not receiving pushed mail from Yahoo. This issue was one of the key reasons I moved to using this app. It was like that before because I purchased access to that feature from Yahoo (paid so that POP mail would be supported). I suppose Yahoo made the decision to discontinue that service, make it more slow, or do whatever else they did in order to promote (pardon the pun) their very own mail application. It’s all good. I’m not too disappointed. (Despite that, I will not be continuing to make payments for that) Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, the primary reason I downloaded the app was so that I could get new mail as soon as it was uploaded to the server, and that process is currently taking place once more. However, the sound is very similar to the sound of other notifications (such as Tweet notifications and calendar reminders), which means that I cannot determine what recently occurred on my phone based just on the sound. In other words, the sound is too similar to the sounds of previous notifications. It would be wonderful if we could modify the sound that plays when a notice is received. In my opinion, it would make the app flawless. I have previously provided this as feedback within the application; nonetheless, I thought I would also post a review regarding it.