WeatherBug has been recognized as the top weather application by both the Appy Awards and the W3 Awards. Additionally, it holds the number one spot on Android Headline’s list of the “Top 10 Weather Apps for Android.” In addition to that, it is obtainable on Android and Windows-based mobile devices. It is able to give the quickest weather alerts, including warnings, watches, and notifications from NOAA and the NWS thanks to the fact that it is powered by the largest and most professional-grade network of commercial weather stations in the world.


  • Users can get prompt Spark Lightning Alerts from WeatherBug, which can help them prepare for severe weather circumstances such as thunderstorms.
  • The name of the weather map contained within WeatherBug is 18 Animated Maps, and it provides you with a number of different forecasting possibilities.
  • WeatherBug boasts the largest and most professional-grade weather stations in the United States and Canada, making it the premier weather network in the field of weather apps.
  • Users are able to get access to international weather forecasts no matter where they are in the world. In addition, the Home Link feature of WeatherBug makes it easy to connect the device to a smart thermostat in the home.
  • WeatherBug has enhanced its user experience by enabling customers to tailor the weather information they receive to their own requirements. Additionally, it can provide lifestyle projections to assist in the organization of extracurricular activities such as golf, sports, and other activities.
  • Get yourself ready. Learn Beforehand WeatherBug provides you with the quickest weather alerts and more in-depth weather information than any other service. With WeatherBug, you can also personalize the weather widgets on your website.


Developer: WeatherBug

Price: free

Rating: 4.3

Available Version: 5.10.1-3

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the WeatherBug app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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  • Forecasts of the weather that are accurate on an hourly and 10-day basis
  • Prepare for deadly lightning storms alerts Local weather conditions that are accurate and updated in real time
  • 18 unique radar maps that are both interactive and animated
  • On the status bar, it is simple to view the current temperature.
  • Check the current traffic conditions in order to devise more effective travel strategies.
  • Examine the pollen amount, types, and coverage both locally and nationally.
  • Doppler radar animation in real time, providing information on precipitation


The process of loading any new information without going through a series of hurdles is excruciatingly slow. When you start moving between cities or entirely exit the area, to name just a couple examples, the radar becomes poor at best. What I mean is that large portions of the radar image are missing, and it conveniently disappears around the area that I’m trying to examine most of the time. It’s of no use to me if the closest radar image is two hundred miles distant. Additionally, the hourly and ten-day views rarely, if ever, align. The 10-day prediction may indicate that there is an 80% chance of storms this afternoon, but the hourly forecast will indicate that it will be sunny the entire time with 0% chance of precipitation. I suppose I could check the radar, but it looks like it’s broken. When I first downloaded this software in 2012, it worked flawlessly, but ever since then, it has been nothing but a source of frustration for me. It would be wonderful if you could improve it, but considering that it is free, I think I shouldn’t complain too much about it.

After some time had passed, they then asserted that they had investigated the problem and resolved it. I tell you the truth, I wish everyone worked as hard as these individuals do! It has been corrected, and now it functions perfectly! The amount of support and attention that they provided to my insignificant complaining is truly remarkable. You all are of the highest caliber, and I am grateful. Because I work outside, having a reliable weather app is essential, and I must say, you guys have it bang on.