Want To Know Which Is Uber Or Lyft Cheaper? See The Difference!

It is better sometimes to leave the traffic headache and drive to someone else. That is why several standard rideshare applications are perfect for travelers. It is a convenient way to travel. There are two giant ride-sharing companies, UBER and LYFT, which you can choose to find a ride.

These are the app-based services that may seem interchangeable, and there can be a huge difference between both largest taxi alternative network services in the US. These applications notify the passengers of the driver’s arrival and then give them an estimated cost in advance. Both of these are the best and most innovative alternatives to each other, and you can also get to know is uber or Lyft cheaper. These are not just the rideshare application but also offer food delivery services to the people.

Let’s dig a bit more into this and learn about services UBER and LYFT and which one of them is best for the people!


Uber was launched in 2009 and is quite a big company than Lyft. It even receives several negative presses for everything, from sexual harassment to its use of software that tracks drivers of Lyft. But it was settled down; there are hundreds of cities in several counties, including the U.S., Canada, and many other counties. You will get the services according to the location, and some of the services which Uber offers vary by city-

  • Uber X is the basic service for four people in their everyday life.
  • UberComfort provides you with newer cars with some additional legroom.
  • You can even get an SUV or luxury SUV for six people.
  • It allows people to see the starting and ending points of those traveling in the same direction, and they can share the ride and cost.
  • The service often offers professional drivers in black town cards.
  • It even has ridden in a wheelchair and scooter-accessible vehicles.

Uber fares consist of a base fare plus the time and distance. During peak hours, when demand is high, they generally increase the fares. However, there is a minimum fare, so it will be worth picking up the customers.

UBER also launched the food delivery services in 2014 and gained a major partnership with McDonald’s in 2016. The drivers in UBER will be professional, and some will be non-professional. They have passed the record checks and background checks. They have to submit their photo id for the badge and notification on the application.


Lyft was launched in 2012; it is a peer-to-peer rideshare matchmaker for people looking for long distances securely. There are several different services which are offered by the company, which are-

  • Original Lyft offers a ride in regular vehicles for up to three passengers.
  • XL will offer the ride for up to five passengers.
  • If you want, then you can also get luxury vehicles in black
  • Also, get a premium black SUV for up to five people.

Fees of the services vary by city and categories of the vehicle which you choose as the service. It is based on the base charges of the ride and some additional calculations of total miles traveled and the minutes of travel time.

It even has the food delivery services, which started in July 2017, and the company tested a new feature called Taco Mode.

How are they different from each other?

In LYFT, the riders can tip their drivers up to 72 hours after the trip is over, whereas UBER riders can choose to give their drivers tips wt her in cash or even before the trip is over. UBER has faced several criticisms and is a pledge to make some improvements to these conditions. LYFT has managed to avoid some of the controversies that they face.

Which is cheaper, UBER or LYFT?

There are several differences between UBER and LYFT, but most people often want to know which one of the companies is cheaper. The cost depends on the time and distance, and according to some average costs of the ride, it has been observed that UBER is cheap. Therefore, it is the cheaper company as the cost for the average trip is $20 as compared to the $27 which you will spend on the service that will be provided by LYFT.

If you want, then you can even share the ride on both Uber and Lyft, which means you can also share the cost of the ride, which will make things better for the people.