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  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
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The Tagg community is great, and its members are all wonderful in their own right. After posting my personal ad online more than 10 years ago, I eventually met and fell in love with someone, which led to more than just a long-term relationship. For the sake of everyone’s safety, I ask that you require all of us to take a photo of ourselves and submit some form of identification. This should be done so that people can prove they are who they say they are. There are a large number of phony Chris Young accounts on this platform, and all of them need to be deleted immediately 4. You all need to get rid of those or request identification from the person whose identity is being used to commit illegal acts. If I were to play the “meet me” swipe game with my feed, and if I were to put in a certain city, state, and mileage, I’d really like it if it could show ONLY my city and the cities that are surrounding it. It’s like absolutely everyone in my city, not just a chosen few, travels to a number of different states. There are certain people who do not appear on the “match” list even though we have a connection. Additionally, whether I am watching someone else’s live broadcast and try to send a message to either the streamer or a viewer, the message does not always get delivered. The app does not allow me to view the people who have liked or commented on my pictures, and it also does not allow me to update my birthday. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Having fun with the website or app. -Marquel


It used to be a respectable network in which users could post content on their personal pages in order to exhibit more of their personalities and communicate with greater freedom. Before live, the newsfeed was the only way to keep up with what was going on in the area, and it’s a function that they should definitely consider reintroducing. At one point, I was easily able to meet girls off the site by simply reading their feeds, where they would say something that motivates me to strike up a chat with them. The live function removes this variable from the calculation and substitutes it with a multi-speed dating-style feature. In this version, the person with the loudest voice wins, while others who wish to maintain a lower profile are passed over.