Remote control for TV

Remote control for TV
Price: Free
Version: 12.0
Developer: abduquena

Have you lost your remote for Television? Then, you might be looking for a shop where you can buy another one. What if we say that you need not have to spend even a penny for the remote and will still get the remote? Remote control for TV is an application that helps the users to control their TV with the help of their mobile device. It is a virtual remote that makes it easier for all those who could not find their remote and also for others.

You can install this application and control your TV without investing in a new remote. To learn about the interesting features these applications offer, keep reading the post.


Name: Remote control for TV
Price Free
Version: 12.0
Developer abduquena
Category: Casual


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Easy accessibility

At the outset, one of the incredible benefits of having a Remote control for TV applications is that it will easier your process of using the TV. This application has a user-friendly interface and even if you are not great at technology, you will find it easy to use. You can use it without following any complicated steps as in other cases.

Control your Television

Additionally, you will be able to control your Television completely. You can switch on/off, change the channel or settings with the help of your mobile device. Interestingly, you will have a second remote for your Television. This remote will also not get lost. You will always have it with you and hence the most beneficial.  This takes us to the next critical feature.


Well, Remote control for TV makes it easier for the users to control their TV. They will have to simply click to get their work done. Open this application on your mobile device and your virtual remote is ready to work. With a single click, you can change the channel or the settings without any trouble. Unlike other applications, this application makes the work effortless.

Replaces physical remote

Furthermore, the Remote control for TV also helps to replace the physical remote. This means that when you have lost your physical remote for whatever reasons, you will be able to watch the Television through your virtual remote on your mobile device. Therefore, when you could not find your remote then, you will always have a backup option with you.

No need for batteries

In conclusion, another most important feature that you should about the virtual remote on your device is that it does not require batteries. You need not have to keep replacing the batteries when you use this application for the alternative remote. If you are not aware of where your remote is then, stop worrying and download this application.


Remote control for TV is an excellent application that was launched on the Google Play Store for all Android devices. You can install this application on your device for operating your Television easily. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a piece of detailed information on the features this application offers to the users. So, if you liked the features this application offers then, download the application quickly on your device.