Readict is packed with totally fascinating novels that will get you reading like you’ve never read before and it’s all 100% free. You can always find a tale to read and enjoy on Readict, regardless of whether you’re a romance junkie, a paranormal enthusiast, or you’re just searching for something fun to do. Readict has stories in all of these genres and more.

Readict includes a wide variety of in-app options that may be customized to suit your individual reading tastes. Readict provides a number of different menus and pages that might assist you in finding the next book that you want to read. Some of these menus and pages include Editor’s Choice, Hot Genres, New and Trending, Rising Stories, and Popular on Readict. Once you begin reading, the app will make recommendations for other stories to read based on the titles that you have previously enjoyed reading. This is in addition to the fact that it will save your progress in a personal library. Readict makes reading suggestions for you based on your preferences, allowing you to make the most of our extensive collection of books that are available to read for free. Read whenever you want and wherever you are with Readict!

Top stories:

The Devil’s Bride

Her parents gave her her to the devil, who took the guise of a millionaire vampire named Damien, when Bast was only 12 years old. He watches over her and makes sure she is safe, but he makes it abundantly obvious that she is his property and that he will get her on the day she is 18 years old. She has no idea why he is so infatuated with her, but she eventually learns that she is a direct descendent of his long-deceased wife. Bast has no idea why he is so obsessed with her. Will he use his vampire powers to transform her into a vampire so that they can spend eternity together? Or will Bast come to the realization that being The Devil’s Bride is not worth anything?

Stuck in Love

The riveting continuation of the acclaimed novel Two Mr. Kings!

Ever since Eden’s relationship with Harper and Jasper broke down, which ultimately resulted in her getting married to Jasper, Eden’s world hasn’t been quite as it should be. It may appear as though everything has been swept under the rug because Jasper and Harper are not communicating, but she will eventually be forced to confront her genuine emotions towards the two most important men in her life. Eden, resolute in her mission to put things right, is actively working to mend the rift that has developed among the three of them. On the other hand, given the revelation of Eden’s secrets, it would appear that she may have more on her plate than she is able to handle.


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This is one of my favorite reading applications, and I have no problem with having to watch advertisements in order to get free chapters. One of the advertisements, in particular, locks up and won’t let you exit it to return to your adventure. This occurs with some of the other advertisements as well. It’s gotten to the point that the only way to access the app again is to completely shut down and restart my phone, which is a very frustrating process. Could you please devise a plan to prevent something like this from occurring? Even though I don’t want to, if this keeps happening on your app, I will delete it.