Version: 1.4.81

Updated: August 22, 2020

Size: 43.1MB


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Pou is a virtual pet game for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android developed and published by Lebanese designer Paul Salameh. It’s analogous to Tamagotchi, a similar game that needed care for a simulated pet. Pao looks like a triangular potato with cute animated expressions. A kid or an adult whoever it might be will definitely fall in love with Pao. You will love watching Pao grow under your care.

The player’s Pou can interact with other Pou’s by visiting them when the game is connected to the Internet or play games with other Pou’s as opponents via named mini-games that have Pou-vs-Pou capability. The game connectivity is via Wi-Fi or the Internet. It has user accounts in order to save and back up the game progress state, in case the device is cleared. The last game progress can be restored by logging into the user account. Users can transfer a Pou from one device to another regardless of the platform by logging out of their account from a device and logging into another device; still, the operation version must be the same between the two devices. In 2014, multilingual support was added.

On August 19, 2015, it was blazoned on Pou’s authorized profile on Google that the game would get a new 3D treatment and that a new app would be released in the summer of that time. Still, this new app wasn’t launched for unknown reasons and sanctioned news is still awaited.

Editor’s review and how to play

If you love pets, this game is for you!!

Pou is a digital pet game. Assist this adorable little alien by helping it grow by feeding it, taking care of it, cleaning, and playing with pao. Pou has similar requirements as you and me. Clean Pou with soap, feed him different treats and explore a closet of astounding garments to dress Pou in.

Pou loves to play around! What’s more, clearly you do as well. You can play slope drive, sky bounce, water jump, stream Pou, and food drop to keep a big smile on Pou’s face. You can likewise go outside to play more games with your pet! Simply ensure you clean Pou in the wake of having a good time day in and day out. Consistently, you’ll get the day-to-day assignments to finish for reward (XP) points. These undertakings will incorporate things like dressing Pou and leveling up.