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The Premier League has resumed play! Using Opera News, you can keep up with the newest match updates and live scores, as well as follow your preferred club to receive the latest news. Packed with the most recent news, videos, fixtures, and statistics relating to football! You can follow trending topics, stay on top of the newest developments in football, view and share entertainment videos, and remain current with local and global news all within the same app when you use Opera News, which is a completely personalized news app.


  • Read the freshest and most popular news items about entertainment, economy, finance, business, technology, science, sports, travel, and fashion – all given by leading media outlets from across the world and the nation.
  • News tailored to your interests: Opera News is able to provide you with real-time content that has been AI-curated according to your interests since it is powered by our most powerful AI news engine. If you follow your preferred channels, you will see topics that are tailored just to you. The app improves with continued use, so download it as soon as you can. Your individual preferences and data are always held in the strictest confidence, and Opera News will never disclose any of your private information to a third party.
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Opera News

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I admire the work that journalists do to make knowledge and facts more widely available. Journalists are supposed to be the “monitor and gatherers of information.” They are accountable for reporting. The who, the what, the when, the where, and the why of it all… They are not expected to be placed in a position of authority over the people but rather are to answer to them. It is wonderful to have another location where one may seek the truth in reporting and acquire knowledge.

I use your app every day, and I enjoy how honest you are in your reporting. I’ve stopped using Fox, MSMBC, and other news sources because they lean too far in one direction or the other, but you don’t pick sides; instead, you report the news objectively and in a way that’s easy for us to understand. Thank you.