You will be able to connect with your neighbors, locate local businesses that provide services related to your home, and meet new people in your area by using Nextdoor, a social network that is both free and private.

Nextdoor is useful in a variety of different contexts. You can utilize Nextdoor to find out what occurred, locate a garage sale, a last-minute babysitter, a dog walker, a handyman, or even to sell unused home items and products from your garage sale. In addition, you can use this app to acquire local news, organize a local event, or discuss safety precautions with other users.


  • Maintain a current awareness of everything going on in the community
  • Receive discounts and free items when a nearby resident sells a chair that she no longer requires
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and don’t be afraid to use his name when you see him walking down the street.



Price: free

Rating: 4.8

Available Version: 2.2.456946.0 

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Nextdoor app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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1. Become a member of your neighborhood: In order to become a member of your neighborhood, you must first register an account on Nextdoor. You have the option of using an invitation or not.

2. Verify your address.

3. Ensure that your email address is correct.

4. Download Nextdoor for your mobile device You can take the power of Nextdoor with you everywhere you go by downloading the Nextdoor app on your mobile device, such as your iPhone, Android, or iPad.

5. Give your neighbors an introduction to you: On Nextdoor, you have the ability to post and select which communities can view your postings.


This app has won my heart for a lot of different reasons. When individuals talk about weird persons in the area, it is helpful for me to be aware of specific times of the day when I should be on the lookout for potential threats to the safety of my children as well as information regarding auto break-ins and other potential dangers.

The feedback I hear from neighbors about their experiences with various outpatient care providers in the area, such as dentists, doctors, and other specialists, is always fascinating to me. This software is wonderful for newcomers and is really warm and friendly toward them. We are educated on several topics such as excellent dining establishments, enjoyable outdoor activities, and reputable suppliers.

I gave this a low rating because I would like the option to hide specific posts about animals on the loose, or families looking for their animals, and everyone letting each other know when their animals came home, or when/where they were located. I also would like the option to hide posts about families looking for their animals.

Because there have been SO MANY posts, I really wish that there was a distinct option inside this app to view the “animals on the loose” posts that have been shared. People who aren’t the owners of lost animals, like the rest of us, would be able to help streamline the information on the page by posting in the appropriate section if they saw a wandering animal. This would make it easier for people who are looking for their lost pets to find the information they need, and it would also make it easier for people who aren’t looking for lost pets.