Movzy is a movie suggestion app that works for new and recent releases. Find the most popular new movies in the quickest and most convenient way possible, complete with information on the performers and the ability to watch new movie trailers, movie previews, and high-quality HD movie trailers. You have access to thousands of videos and clips on your device, and you have two options for exploring movie list categories including the most highly rated movies, the most popular films, and future movies.

There is something for everyone; from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, new latest hollywood movies, and British Movies or Series. There is something for everyone.


If you adore movies box and you want more of them in your life, then this app is the most convenient way for you to obtain information about them. It may save you a lot of time. Find out which films are considered to be the best of all time and browse through reviews of those films on your mobile device wherever you have access to the internet. While lying in bed, commuting to work, or eating lunch


  • There is no requirement to sign up for an account.
  • Search for and Watch an Unlimited Supply of the Best Movies and Television Shows
  • The most comprehensive movie database with more than 500,000 films and television shows, which is regularly updated
  • Conduct a quick search for a particular film.
  • Display the specifics, including series, seasons, and episodes
  • Please play the most recent official trailer for the film.


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Available Version: 1.0.4

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Not bad but why can we get it on iOS


You may search for whatever movies you want to watch, and then it will show you results of what other people have searched for; trust me, the vast majority of the time, you won’t be disappointed by the results. I would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5, but I can only give it a rating of 5.