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You should use the app to schedule your football viewing so that you don’t miss any of the games. We provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate listings of live football matches that are permitted to be televised in the UK.


  • Streams of lower quality that are optional for consumers using poor internet connections
  • The content is continuously updated
  • Streams That Do Not Change
  • No extra plugin required


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Available Version: 1.3

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  • Every football competition, including those at the national, continental, international, and European levels, as well as those for kids and women
  • Each and every platform, including television, streaming services, mobile applications, and whatever else they can come up with next…


I have subscribed, but for some reason I still can’t view live matches, so could you please tell me how I may watch a line match? I just really hope I’ll be able to get a Crenshaw over here… When I click on the match that I want to watch, the next page displays the Channels that will be broadcasting it; but, when I click on one of those Channels, it displays something else.