Green VPN


Green VPN is a lightning-quick piece of software that provides secure VPN proxy services. You can browse the web in complete secrecy and anonymity with just the press of a button, as there is no setting necessary.

When it comes to protecting one’s privacy and data when using the internet, Green VPN is an indispensable tool. It does this by encrypting your connection, making it significantly more secure than a standard connection by preventing other parties from monitoring your online actions.


  • A large number of servers and a bandwidth that is extremely fast
  • Pick apps that use a virtual private network (Android 5.0 or later is necessary).
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, and 3G networks in addition to all mobile data providers
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Make an astute selection of the top server.
  • Well-designed UI
  • No usage and time limit
  • No registration or configuration necessary
  • There is no need for any further permissions.

Green VPN

Developer: SPEED VPN

Price: free

Rating: 4.5

Available Version: 1.4

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Green VPN app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


  • This software is a mobile application that will not modify the system settings of your phone.
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Users are able to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly linked to the private network when utilizing a virtual private network, often known as a VPN. This is made possible because a VPN extends a private network across a public network. Therefore, applications that are operating through the VPN might benefit from the features, security, and control of the private network.

Users of the internet on their own can hide their identities and locations by connecting to proxy servers or securing their online transactions using a virtual private network (VPN), which allows them to get around geographical restrictions and censorship. However, in order to prevent users from getting around their geo-restriction policies, several websites on the internet limit access to commonly used VPN technology.

Even though virtual private networks (VPNs) can’t make online connections fully anonymous, they can typically improve users’ levels of privacy and security. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are often designed to permit only authenticated remote access utilizing tunneling protocols and encryption strategies. This is done to prevent the leaking of confidential information.