Google Pay


Google Pay is a payment system that was developed by Google LLC that gives users a quick and easy way to pay for Google products in-store, online, and elsewhere. Users are able to buy tickets, garments, and enjoy all the new experiences without needing to bring their wallets with them when using Google Pay because it is a platform for digital wallets.

Google Pay has the potential to be interoperable with a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as watches. It is simple for customers to get started; all they need to do is add a card from the financial institution of their choice, and they will immediately be able to take advantage of the platform’s superior shopping experience.


  • If you use Google Pay on your phone, you can store anything you need and complete your payment instantly. This makes shopping much more convenient. In addition, the new Home tab makes it possible for you to access any and all of the information that you require at any given time.
  • Users do not need to keep all of the card details in their heads or fill out several forms on their phones when using online checkout. Clicking on the Google Pay button will allow them to spend less time checking out and more time checking in, which is what they need to accomplish.
  • Just like the other Google products, Google Pay offers its customers robust security features to keep their data safe and to take into account potential risks. When you make a purchase in a store using Google Pay, the seller will not have access to your real card details; instead, they will see an encrypted number.
  • When users upload their gift cards and offers to Google Pay, they ensure that they won’t miss out on any possibilities to earn rewards in the future.
  • When they use their cards to make payments with certain retailers, they are even eligible for some exclusive discounts and deals.

Google Pay

Developer: Google LLC

Price: free

Rating: 4.5

Available Version: 2.143.434517044

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Google Pay app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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This is a feedback for you to check into this issue urgently, one of the transactions that I attempted to complete did not go through, and the amount that was taken out of my bank account as a result has not been automatically returned. When I inquired about this matter with the GP Team, I was informed that the money will be transferred to the recipient within three business days, and that if I wanted it back, I would need to get in touch with the team again. This is an absurd procedure, because GP has no ownership in any transaction other than the amount of money that has been deducted from their account as a result of it. The exact same thing happened to me a few times, and each time I had to get in touch with the recipient to return the money (like honestly!!!! ). I should be contacting a government organization (IRCTC) to get my money back, but I simply have no hope for this, and it’s infuriating. I am now in an even more precarious situation than I was the last time.


Since the beginning of the last week, the transaction has been unsuccessful owing to a variety of technical problems. The error message that appears most frequently reads, “Your bank server is not responding, technical difficulty, etc.” Because of this, I went to my bank to let them know about the error, but they said that their server was fine and that the problem was with my GPay account. Within a 24-hour period, I can transfer money for only a few minutes or possibly an hour, but the rest of the time, it displays an error message. I also try to check whether or not my internet connection is working well, but I found that my internet connection is Good. My GPay app is also updated, and I believe that I have checked marked all possibility for a customer to utilize GPay. I cannot express how frustrated I am that GPay is not functioning correctly at a time when I really need it. During business hours, I cannot continue to use GPay if it is not functioning properly because it is useless to me.

I can comprehend If it were for two days, that would be fine, but the limit has been reached already. Therefore, all developers, kindly investigate this issue: as quickly as humanly can, and find a solution to this issue. I really want to start using Google Pay again…